Our upstairs playroom & the everywhere playMAT

What room in our home isn’t a playroom… right?! We’ve done our best since moving in here just over a year ago to separate the kids’ space from our space, but it doesn’t always work. Toys have a way of migrating. Everywhere.

We have an extra bedroom upstairs and when we moved in, that’s what we used it for… a full-sized bed, an empty closet, and… a room that never got used.

We decided to make it a playroom: somewhere for the kids to hang out on the 2nd story AND a way to keep most toys out of their bedrooms so they sleep at night instead of play.

First, we moved out the full-sized bed into Ryan’s room–a BIG boy bed! We took his twin bed and put it in the new playroom and set it up like a daybed with a wall of pillows along the back. It’s next to two little bookcases filled with the kids’ books so it makes the perfect, cozy reading corner!

Then we put a large open bookcase (a vintage market find!) on the opposite wall to fill with baskets and toys. We’re still working on getting more moved in there.

Finally, we wanted a fun rug to cover the floor. It’s a carpeted room, but we all know how kids can be when they play!

playroom playmat

Instead of an area rug, we ended up going with the everywhere playMAT that was sent to us by Prince Lionheart. It is PERFECT.

It’s HUGE, it covers the whole floor area, it’s cushioned, it’s got TWO sides of fun so we can change it up when the kids get bored, it’s easy to clean, and it’s the best TOY in the room.

playroom playmat

One side has a city with tons of places to visit: school, park, ice cream shop, fire station, police station, hospital, pet store, restaurant, and more. There are trees, ponds, stop signs… so much to imagine!

The other side is a zoo, filled with animals… lions, tigers, and bears (oh my)!

playroom playmat

Both of my kids are obsessed with it. Ryan is 4-years-old and spends more time driving cars around and making up stories about where they are going.

Rebecca is 2-years-old and she spends more time pointing out features and naming them. She especially likes to pet and kiss all the animals at the zoo 😉

playroom playmat

It folds up VERY nicely and easily to store away under a bed or in a closet. It’s sturdy enough to fold into a tunnel or fort, too! The play continues 😉 Or if you have a smaller space, you could fold over one end of it to make it fit.

You can see our daughter having fun with the playMAT… if she’s not kissing animals or racing cars, she’s jumping and dancing on it, haha. This video will help give a sense of its size, too.

You can read more about the playMAT here and you can buy it for $60. Make sure you also find Prince Lionheart on Twitter and Facebook!

prince lionheart's everywhere playMAT

~Written in partnership with Prince Lionheart. Product was received to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own!

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