Best Mexico Beach Destinations with Kids

Around this time last year we went on a family vacation to Cozumel. I got a lot of questions and emails about that trip… other parents who were trying to plan a beach vacation with their kids and were nervous about it. Understandable! Traveling with kids is hard. Taking them to a new town you’ve never seen can be risky–will it be a good place for children? Will they have fun? Will YOU have peace of mind?! Here are some of the best Mexico beach destinations with kids!

mexico beach destinations with kids

If the sound of a Mexican beach vacation for the family brings up images of rowdy resort towns, think again. There are several beach destinations in Mexico that are free of huge crowds, streets filled with souvenir shops, and miles of pavement. Get away to Mexico and you might just find your new favorite destination filled with miles of untouched beaches, easy access to adventures, and exciting cultural and history experiences that the kids will enjoy.

Plan a beach vacation with the kids at any of these destinations in Mexico, where you can skip the crowds and load up on sand and sun.

Best Mexico Beach Destinations with Kids


Tulum offers pristine beaches, archaeological sites, and a busy town that is set away from the beaches so you can still get that “away from it all” feeling. For the family that wants to enjoy nature and an eco-friendly adventure that has plenty of beachtime, Tulum is about as good as you can get.

Tulum Mexico beach destinations with kidsSource – changes made via creative commons


This coastal town was once the site of an ancient city and tourists can take a day to visit the ruins via guided tours that can easily be arranged at any of the hotels in the city. This place MAY have become a little more popular with the recent “Bachelor in Paradise” TV show, where many of the guests took romantic dates 😉

Isla Mujeres

Isla Mujeres is a Cancun alternative for families that are lured by the Cancun prices and budget, but don’t think the social atmosphere is for the family. Just a trip away by boat, the island is a place to get away from all the mega resorts and crowds. You won’t find shops filled with t-shirts and trinkets for tourists, but almost empty beaches and coves that might take a little hiking to get down into.

Isla Mujeres: Mexico beach destinations with kidsSource – changes made via creative commons


There is plenty of space for the family to explore and you can be sure the kids will wear themselves out every night! Rent a bike and take a ride around the island, snorkel in the clear water, or get in a sea kayak and paddle your way to a hard to reach beach.

La Paz

The ideally named La Paz is definitely a family destination, with family beach needs in mind. Public restrooms and playgrounds for children dot the coastline around La Paz, making it easy to plan for a day spent outside with the kids.

La Paz: Mexico beach destinations with kidsSource


The adventurous family is going to love this Mexico beach destination because there are several outfitters that rent gear or organize tours and lessons for families that want to get out on the water or do a little diving. Switch between the public city beaches and more secluded beaches that can be reached by a short drive up the coast.


While Ixtapa is considered a big resort town in Mexico, it still makes a great family beach destination with kids because of its restrained combination of commercial venues and natural space. Ixtapa beaches have been left alone for tourists to enjoy and feel like they are away from it all, but the proximity of the resorts makes it easy to care for the family’s needs whenever necessary.

Ixtapa: Mexico beach destinations with kidsSource – changes made via creative commons


In Ixtapa you will find some of the best restaurants in the country, both within the resorts and independent of them. While this may not be the most budget friendly location, it is widely considered the most beautiful even with the assortment of high rises.

Have you had a family vacation in Mexico? If you have recommendations for other Mexico beach destinations with kids, leave a comment and let us know!


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