Joovy HiLo: the only highchair you need

Joovy HiLo

I am in love with this highchair and only wish it had been around when we had Ryan 5 years ago!!! It will be the only chair you need—the Joovy HiLo is great for ages 6 months up to 6 years!

How? The seat flips a 180 to go from a baby highchair to a toddler seat. Use it with the tray or without, pushed up to your own table. In the photo above, Rebecca (2) is in the baby position, which means the seat is higher. Joovy HiLo To rotate the seat, you simply pull out the sliver knobs on each side of the highchair and the seat will release so you can flip it upside down. It locks in place automatically—easy peasy! The harness straps also flip to use in both positions.

In the toddler position, there’s a step so they can climb in and out on their own. The seat sits lower, more like their own chair. You can still use the tray if you’d like or push it up to your table.

Joovy HiLo

Joovy HiLo

The tray slides on, but doesn’t lock in place like typical highchair trays. Instead, it has two straps that snap on to buttons at the back of the seat. This is GENIUS because you know those “locking” trays can always be removed by sneaky, tricky little toddlers. This one is SNUG and your child won’t be able to get it off on their own.

Joovy HiLo

It fits perfectly at our table with plenty of leg space. Rebecca is still buckled in the harness and can reach her food and join the family at the table like a big girl!

Joovy HiLo

The frame is solid wood and the seat is high-grade plastic that comes in lots of fun colors! Another amazing thing about this highchair is that the seat is one solid piece—there are no crevices for food to get stuck, it’s super easy to clean!

The tray also has a removable plastic insert that goes in the dishwasher. There are no phthalates, BPA, PVC, or lead! The Joovy HiLo has nylon wheels on one side of the legs for easy movement that won’t damage your floors.

Joovy HiLo

We’re a big Joovy family (LOVE their Moon Room, Toy Bundle, Room2 Ultralight, Caboose Too Ultralight stroller, Boob bottles… omgosh, basically everything)! So make sure you find them on Facebook and Twitter to  keep up with the new and awesome products! They are a family business with AMAZING customer service.

Check out all the beautiful and fun colors at Joovy! You can buy your own for $399.99.

~I received product to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own.

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