Out and About with Bundleme: keeping the kids warm!

Written in partnership with JJ Cole. I received a Bundleme to facilitate this post. Any opinions are my own!

Bundleme by JJ Cole

I hate the cold, but it won’t keep us from going outside! With two toddlers at home, if we don’t get out of the house we ALL go crazy. Plus there’s just so much fun to be had in the fall! Apple orchards, pumpkin patches, corn mazes, leaf piles, hay rides, horse riding, beautiful arboretums, and our last stroller walks through the neighborhood before the snow comes!

Bundleme from JJ Cole


My little ones stay cozy with the Bundleme from JJ Cole. We have the urban version in toddler size (“stealth” color). They also make an infant size and I think this is a must have for moms. I used to grab a blanket and every 5 steps I was running over it with the stroller and it was getting dragged across the ground.

The Bundleme attaches easily to your stroller and is soooo super soft and cozy! It’s like a sleeping bag. I’m actually jealous of my kids riding around in a stroller, snuggled up in a Bundleme, it looks so nice!


Earlier this week we took a family trip to the apple orchard! My husband was off work so we luckily all got to go! It was a bit chilly so I grabbed the Bundleme, threw it on our stroller, and Rebecca (our 2-year-old) got to stay cozy warm.

When she was ready to get out and play for a bit, she unzipped the Bundleme, I unbuckled her, and she hopped out! It zips all the way down so it’s very easy to get in and out.

apple orchard

There are different openings on the back of the Bundleme to fit your stroller straps. They all open up for one large opening (where my red arrow is below) in case your stroller straps are all one piece, like mine. There’s also openings below for the crotch buckle. The top of the Bundleme has elastic to go over the top of your stroller and it stays snug.

BundlemeThere’s even a little zippered pocket near the bottom of the Bundleme–great for storing your smaller items, pacifier, etc. The outer nylon of the Bundleme protects against wind and rain while the inside is thermaplush™ for warmth.


Rebecca loves the soft thermplush™ so much, she cozies right up! After playing at the apple orchard she climbed back in and laid on her side like she was going to sleep with her blankey.

Get out and about with the Urban Bundleme in infant (up to 21 lb or 1 year) or toddler (age 1-3) size in lots of great colors from JJ Cole. You can find it at retailers Buy Buy Baby and Babies R Us! Make sure you also find JJ Cole on Facebook and Twitter!

apple orchard

Written in partnership with JJ Cole. Any opinions are my own.




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