Safe and natural nasal congestion relief with CLEARinse (giveaway)

It can be a nasty time of year–with all the back-to-school germs and the cold weather. Both of our kids have already been hit with colds and I know we probably aren’t done with them this season. It’s heartbreaking to see your kids sick and it’s worse when there isn’t much you can do to help.


Little ones aren’t so great at blowing their noses. When their noses get all stuffy, it’s hard for them to breathe, eat, sleep… and that means it’s hard for me to sleep, too! Many of the effective medicines also can’t be used at young ages.

Did you know the American Academy of Pediatrics suggests salt water irrigation and aspiration as the most effective and safe way to relieve nasal congestion in infants and children?


Introducing…. the nasal cleaning system CLEARinse! It is the only device that both irrigates and aspirates, with a flow and pressure similar to hospital devices. It’s really super easy to use:

1. Fill the device with pure saline. It comes with 10 ampules (and you can buy more) and that’s the plastic piece you see sticking out of the CLEARinse device in my photo above. There’s a small opening you stick the ampule in.

2. Stick the tip in the nose and push the irrigation button. This helps loosen up the congestion.

3. Push the aspiration button to remove the liquid and relieve congestion.

When I first saw CLEARinse, I thought there was NO WAY my 4-year-old son would let me put that thing in his nose. I explained to him what it was and what it would do. He was all about the idea of “feeling better” and having a clear nose. I couldn’t get the thing ready fast enough! He laid on his back on our couch and loved it. It was quick and easy to use and he actually asks for it now. We also use it on our 2-year-old daughter and that is easy, too, because she wants to do anything her older brother does! 😉

When you’re done, you just take the head off and rinse in the sink (the kit comes with 2 heads). The starter kit comes with a charger for the base so there are no batteries needed. I’m impressed with how well it works and, mostly, with how much my kids love it! The pressure seems just right to be effective, but not to bother them. The CLEARinse is my new mom must-have!


You can buy your CLEARinse starter kit for $129.99 and you can also find the saline ampules and replacement wash heads at It’s safe, drug-free relief that’s great for nasal congestion, sinuses, colds, and allergies! Wonderful for the whole family, ages 1 month and up!

GIVEAWAY: enter to win your own CLEARinse starter kit! Please use the form below–good luck! 🙂

Product was received to facilitate this review. Any opinions are my own!

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