DIY Flower Holiday Place Cards & Decor

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving with LOTS to be thankful for! Right now I’m thankful for a long holiday weekend to get ready for the NEXT festive celebration! 😉 It’s cold and snowy outside, so I gathered the kids to help me make some fun holiday table decorations and place card flowers. They’re DIY Carnation Lollipop Flowers that would be fun for any party or event!

DIY carnation lollipop flowers

I got this idea from my partnership with Animal Jam and their awesome Pinterest board of craft ideas. Here are the directions for these DIY Carnation Lollipop Flowers you can download and save or print.

These are a great idea for any party or event! Use them at a birthday party as favors, add names for place settings, match your event colors with fun cupcake wrappers. I have Spiderman cupcake wrappers in my cupboard that would make for a fun treat for our son (maybe in the Christmas stocking?!).

holiday place card flowers

I decided to go with holiday decorations and place settings. I bought gold and silver cupcake wrappers and mini red ones. I let the kids pick what lollipops they wanted to use and OF COURSE they went with the little dum-dums, their favorite! Turns out the mini cupcake wrappers work MUCH better for these little suckers. If you have large lollipops, they regular sized wrappers will probably be great.

I also bought my favorite—holiday Hershey’s kisses—and with some craft sticks you can dot some glue inside the cupcake wrapper to attach the Kiss and some hot glue on the outside to attach the stick. Super cute!

holiday hershey kisses

My “helper” who pretty much just helped by eating all the chocolate and suckers, haha. She likes to fill the jar, too, and “smell” the flowers 😉

holiday place card flowers

I filled a mason jar with the holiday kisses and used a decorative lid to hold the “flowers.” You could use those on a table for holiday decorations or you can take single “flowers” with a ribbon and tag for place cards! Place one on each plate to add to your holiday place settings.

Just for more fun (and more chocolate), I used the leftover cupcake wrappers to fill with kisses that would be cute to place around your table, too. The lollipop flowers would be fun for a kids table and the kiss flowers (or any other candy or chocolate) would be nice for your table.

Animal Jam logo

Thanks to Animal Jam for this fun idea! Check out their interactive online playground, updated for holiday fun, and make it a gift! A year-long membership will be the gift that keeps on giving for 365 days of educational fun. Also check out Animal Jam Academy for more activities to do at home with the kids and find them on twitter and facebook.

DIY carnation lollipop flowers

 Written in partnership with Animal Jam. Any opinions are my own!

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