Holiday Scents to Improve Your Mood

It’s no secret that certain smells can be attached to specific memories. You might remember your mom’s perfume or ex-boyfriend’s cologne, the smell of the ocean to remind you of family vacations, or the scent of pine from camping trips with friends. Certain smells can do more than just evoke memories—they can also help you sleep or wake you up, stimulate the mind and boost productivity, or lift the spirits and and improve your mood!

With winter upon us, many of us get cold weather, less hours of sunlight, and the seasonal blues. So here are some holiday scents to improve your mood! Pick up some scented candles, wax melts, or oils and feel the JOY of the holiday season! Plus, a delicious smelling candle also makes the house smell clean—and a clean house makes us happy, too 😉

holiday scents to improve your mood


This Southeast Asian spice is a stimulant. It can help you fight mental fatigue to get moving and working again. It could help improve your concentration and focus, memory, and attention span. Or you can try it out as an aphrodisiac!


This is another energy booster and my favorite one. It energizes the mind and is GREAT when you’re feeling tired and slow. It gets me moving! Studies have said it increases motivation, energy, and confidence. The smell also helps with my headaches.


First of all, how can the smell of a Christmas tree not make you happy?! But really, it helps release tension and energizes you. Pine is a great stress reliever as it improves your mood, decreases anxiety, and gives a feeling of relaxation.


Some people might not like this scent, but it can actually lift your mood and cause feelings of happiness and relaxation! I’m not a big fan so if I have something vanilla scented, I mix it with something else from this list—peppermint vanilla, for example, is wonderful! Happiness and energy!


This might not seem as common for a “holiday scent,” but a warm bowl of oatmeal is great on a cold winter day! Maybe it’s because it’s a comfort food, but smelling oatmeal is soothing and calming.


Mmmm, I love this one (especially when mixed in a candle with other holiday scents). Ginger can help upset stomachs and body aches. If you’re feeling tired and achy, try a scented candle with ginger during your warm bath.

holiday decor

Get 2-for-1 deals by combining any of the above holiday scents or make them smell even better with the addition of other favorites: cranberry, pumpkin, cloves, or lavender! The air care aisle at Wal-Mart makes it SUPER easy this time of year to find all of the best holiday scents and there are tons of combos and varieties to try. I am obsessed with candles (because they’re so fun and pretty to light), but also love the Glade wax melts and Air Wick scented oils (because we have toddlers in the house that don’t mix with fire!).

holiday scents

I picked up some holiday scents at Wal-Mart recently—it’s so easy to buy groceries, cleaning supplies, and air care products all at once. While I’m there, might as well, right?! My house #SmellsClean, smells festive, and I’m happy (and energized)! I got a large three-wick Crisp Evergreen candle (mix of pines and balsams), Merry Citrus Melody Glade wax melts (the mandarin citrus lifts the mood and is mixed with candy apple, clove, and frankincense), and Gingerbread Playhouse Air Wick scented oil (clove and cinnamon mixed with a hint of ginger and vanilla).

great stocking stuffers!

stocking stuffers for mom

What are your favorite holiday scents?

~Written in partnership with Acorn. Any opinions are my own!

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