GB Zuzu stroller: great on-the-go!

I first met the GB brand when I was at the ABC Expo in Vegas this past September. I knew it was a European brand bringing its international design and fashion trends to the United States. One of their strollers won “best in show” at the recent New York Baby Show, so I just couldn’t wait to see what it was all about! Meet Zuzu

GB Zuzu Stroller

Now THIS is a lightweight travel stroller! You’d think it’s a full-size with everything it offers and how well it moves, but it’s around 15 lb and wait until you see the fold. You can use this baby as the one stroller you’ll need: full-size functions at a lightweight size. Saving the fold for last because it’s THE BEST, let’s look at some of my other favorite features.

 The Canopy: it has a zippered section to make it extendable for a lovely over-sized canopy. When extended, the extra panel is breathable mesh so you can see your baby and improve air flow.

GB Zuzu Stroller canopy

Features: the Zuzu stroller has a wonderfully plush and cushioned seat. It reclines to any position you’d like with the black sliding cord on the back (I do wish it went a little bit more upright, but my kids don’t seem to mind). There are padded handles, a footrest in front, and a nice basket underneath (in my photos below it’s holding a blanket).

Maneuverability: it’s fantastic, especially for a lightweight “umbrella” stroller! It has 360-degree swivel wheels that make it very easy to move, even with one hand.  There’s a one-touch brake on the rear right wheel that’s easy to step on or lift up with your foot.

GB Zuzu Stroller

I took the GB Zuzu stroller for a family visit to the apple orchard! Some parts have a rough terrain—I pushed the Zuzu on grass, gravel, cement, and the mulch seen below. Everywhere we went it continued to move extremely well and was always easy to maneuver.  A cozy little ride for my Rebecca!

GB Zuzu Stroller

Rebecca turns 3 years old in about 3 months and fits very well in the Zuzu stroller. You can see plenty of space above her head on the cushioned seat and even more until she reaches the canopy. The Zuzu stroller holds up to 50 lb so even our son (who turns 5 in one month) still fits really well in here! His head is about even with the top of the seat, but still lots of room to fit under the canopy.

GB Zuzu Stroller

OKAY, the FOLD!  It’s what you’ve been waiting for…. promise. It has a unique sliding fold that’s activated by finger pulls on the handles. It basically collapses and slides down into a locking position that 1) stands on its own and 2) is super compact standing 30% shorter than other umbrella strollers. Add that to its light weight and you’ve got one amazing stroller for travel or easy transport! See for yourself…

I took this video at the ABC Expo 2014

So cool, right?! When people come over or we’re out and about with the Zuzu stroller, I have to show them the fold. I mean, have you seen anything like it?! It makes it so easy to pick up, throw in the trunk, and store that I’m just obsessed with it.

It also fits select Graco and Chicco infant car seats—no accessory needed, it’s built in! Lift flaps on the insides of the seat and snap the car seat right in. Check out the review over on Mom Mart for more great photos and another point of view on her use with 3 kids.

GB Zuzu stroller

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You can also buy a GB Zuzu stroller for $199.99. Keep an eye out for more well designed, innovative, and fashionable products from GB by following them on Facebook and Twitter!

~Product was received from GB to facilitate this Zuzu stroller review. Any opinions are my own!

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