Christmas Giving Tradition: special delivery with Santa Sacks! (giveaway)

The holiday season is filled with so much gift giving, it’s a great time to teach your kids about giving back. As your children outgrow their toys, what do you do with them? There may be local organizations that give to kids in need or “adopt a family” programs around the holiday season. I have a fun new tradition that helps you clean out the toy room to give to kids in need while teaching your kids about the act of giving.

Santa Sacks

Everyone knows Santa carries a big sack of toys on his sleigh filled with presents for all the little boys and girls. So how fun is it to have gifts in your own home delivered in personalized Santa Sacks?! Your kids can wake up on Christmas morning to find them under your tree OR you can try out this Christmas Giving Tradition.

Christmas Giving Tradition with Santa Sacks

Before Christmas, take out the Santa Sacks for your kids and have them help pick out their own toys that they want to GIVE to Santa. This can be hard for kids, as they get so attached to their toys, but it is a good lesson in sharing and giving to those less fortunate. Work together to fill those Santa Sacks and talk about how much fun the new owners will have with them!

On Christmas Eve before the kids go to bed, have them help you put the Santa Sacks under the tree or near the fireplace so Santa will see them when he arrives! Leave a note or Santa’s milk and cookies. And, of course, when Santa comes, he will take those toys (to give to others) and replace them with Christmas presents!

santa sacks

It’s a tradition that adds to the magic of Christmas and Santa, teaches your kids a valuable lesson on kindness and giving, helps others in need, AND helps clean out your toy room (just in time to make space for the new toys, haha). Who knows, maybe your kids will want to donate new items, too.

Santa Sacks from Stuck On You

You can find these Santa Sacks at Stuck On You. Choose a back design (trees or waves) and a personalized letter (with trees or waves). Both my kids’ names start with “R” so I got one bag with trees on the back and the other bag with waves on the back. They also have Sacks with designs you can choose from. They’re about the size of pillowcases so big enough to fit some toys in, but not so huge that you have to have tons of toys!

Santa Sacks

Stuck On You has a great selection of Christmas gifts including personalized story books, letters from Santa, photo mugs, gift labels, place cards, t-shirts and more. We love their stuff and both kids have personalized pajamas, a lunchbox, and name puzzle from Stuck On You.

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