Family Adventures at the Movies! #AMCandCocaColaFreestyle

~Written in partnership with Coca-Cola and AMC Theatres. Any opinions are my own!

When I was little, we had a family tradition of going to see a movie in the theaters every Christmas Eve. My cousins would be in town visiting and we’d all go together! The movies are a great family getaway, especially in this cold winter weather. Since having two little ones of our own, we haven’t really had a chance to get to the movies often. But they’re growing up (so fast!) and taking them to the movies will start to be a special treat!

Movie Theatre with Kids

I partnered with Coca-Cola and AMC Theatres to share a movie theatre family adventure! A few days ago we went to a Chicago area AMC theatre with our little girl, Rebecca, to see the movie Penguins of Madagascar. This was her first time at a movie theatre! While we were there, we had some snacks (who doesn’t love movie theatre popcorn?!) and a Coca-Cola Freestyle drink!

Coca-Cola Freestyle

This was the first time I’ve used the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine; have you seen it before? It has over 100 drink choices from flavored Fanta and Dasani to Coca-Cola and Sprite. It’s super easy, too—just touch the screen to start, push the lever for ice, and choose your drink! Rebecca had fun helping us 🙂

You still go to the counter and order a drink, just like usual, but they’ll give you your cup so you can use the Freestyle machine on your own. Select the drink you want (like Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, Dasani, etc.) and then another screen will come up with all the applicable flavor options. Mix up your drink! I like doing half Coca-Cola and half Cherry Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Rebecca did great at her first movie! At first she was scared to walk in the theatre, haha, but then she loved sitting in the big seat (moving her armrest up and down… and up and down…) and then… PENGUINS! She lasted through the whole thing, just getting antsy near the end (she’s 2.5). We had fun!

Another good one out right now for the kids is Big Hero 6! I still really need to go see The Hunger Games Mockingjay movie—I loved the books and saw the first two movies as soon as they came out in the theaters! Gone Girl looks good, too, but I’d like to read that book first.

Coca-Cola Freestyle

Go see what’s playing at an AMC Theatre near you! And check this list to see what AMC Theatres near you have the Coca-Cola Freestyle machine! You can also download the AMC Theatre App to easily locate the nearest AMC Theatre with a Coca-Cola Freestyle machine.

Coca-Cola Freestyle flavors

 ~Written in partnership with Coca-Cola and AMC Theatres. Any opinions are my own!


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