Radio Flyer Wagon: 25 Days of Holiday Giveaways

I have loved Radio Flyer since I was a kid and am thrilled to be able to purchase it now for my own kids. We have a couple of their wagons (have you seen the new build-a-wagon?!), trikes, and the steer & stroll coupe! It’s a brand name that has been around for almost 100 years so we know we can trust it and get amazing, quality gifts. I partnered with them to bring you news about their 25 days of holiday giveaways!

25 days of giveaways

Radio Flyer is giving away a free toy EVERY DAY for 25 days! I hope you’ve been joining in on the fun so far! It goes until December 18th, so if you weren’t aware of it before, you still have quite a few days to enter to win!

Today (December 11th) is one of my FAVORITE Radio Flyer items… the Town & Country Wagon! It’s a classic must-have. We had one when I was a kid and we got one for Ryan’s first Christmas. PERFECT to set in front of the tree on Christmas morning!

Radio Flyer wagon

The Town & Country Wagon is so awesome because it’s made of solid hardwood with removable sides! Kids can easily get in and out by taking out a side panel. You could also take out one side and use it “couch” style with the kids hanging their feet off the side or take off all the sides and use it like a flat bed to haul materials.

Town and Country Radio Flyer wagon

It has durable steel wheels with real rubber tires for a smooth ride around town. You can fold the extra long handle underneath during storage and it has a no-pinch ball joint to keep little fingers safe.

Radio Flyer wagon

Go enter Radio Flyer’s 25 days of holiday giveaways now! Today you could win the Town & Country Wagon and keep an eye out for more awesome products every day until December 18th! Go back to enter each day. Good luck! I hope it’s one of my readers that becomes a winner! 😉

25 days of holiday giveaways with Radio Flyer

Written in partnership with Radio Flyer. Any opinions are my own.


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