5 (cool) FROZEN gifts

I don’t know about your kids (or YOU), but this family is FROZEN obsessed. I might be a little embarrassed about how many times I’ve seen it and how I know every word to every song…. “Let It Go?” Obviously a favorite in the shower.

So clearly FROZEN made our holiday wish lists, as I’m sure it’s on many kids’ lists this season! But WHAT are you getting?! There are so many FROZEN gifts out there… how to choose?! I love Target (who doesn’t?!) so I partnered with them to bring you these hot FROZEN gifts for kids this Christmas! Or, who are we kidding, FROZEN gifts for you—you know you want to sing along 😉

FROZEN gifts from Target

1. FROZEN Sing-Along edition: because, duh. Just pretend you don’t already know all the words and follow the lyrics with a bouncing snowflake.

2. Elsa Musical Snow Wand: this is SO COOL. And? It’s only $9.99… so get it. Stocking stuffer?! It’s a princess wand with a snow globe on top (just shake it), and with the push of a button it starts to sing our favorite, Let It Go. We gave this to our 2.5yo daughter and our almost-5-year-old son begged for one, too!

3. FROZEN stickers: what kid doesn’t love stickers? These are an affordable stocking stuffer that are sure to be a hit.

4. FROZEN Blowout Noisemakers: just like the stickers, I’ve never met a kid that doesn’t love making noise these. Another fun stocking stuffer or use them for a holiday FROZEN themed party.

5. FROZEN 6-in-1 Game: such an awesome value. We play board games in this house like crazy. Every day and every night (the husband and son are playing on the floor as I type this). You get SIX games out of this, for just $14.99! It’s your favorite FROZEN characters in Bingo, Go Fish, Crazy 8’s, Four-in-a-Row, Domino Tiles, and Matching.

FROZEN gifts at Target

The princess snow wand is missing from my photo above because Rebecca already got it 😉 We went to a local breakfast with Santa and I brought two gifts with me for Santa to give our two kids—because that’s more fun! Santa gave Rebecca the FROZEN wand and now we get to listen to Let It Go every day! 😉

FROZEN gifts princess snow wand

Another FROZEN game I’d suggest is Surprise Slides by Wonder Forge. It’s kinda like the classic Chutes and Ladders game, but obviously way cooler, pun intended!

What’s on your FROZEN wish list?!

FROZEN gifts at Target

~Written in partnership with Target. Any opinions (and excitement for Let It Go) are my own!

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