Turtle Toffee Cheesecake recipe

What’s on your holiday dinner menu this year? We’re pretty traditional and don’t change it up too much year to year, but I like to try new variations. One year, instead of plain cranberries on the table, I made brie and sugared cranberry crackers. I’ve added chocolate to my pecan pie. I spiced up the “cheese and crackers” appetizer with spinach artichoke dip.

This season, I partnered with Save-A-Lot to try something new! My friend Tiffany shopped with the goal of keeping this UNDER $25—Save-A-Lot makes it easy, you could definitely shop there and make a whole family meal under $25. You can find lots of recipes and ideas on the Save-A-Lot website! Tiffany found lots of great stuff and decided to make a Turtle Toffee Cheesecake creation—with homemade toffee, too!

 Turtle Toffee Cheesecake

Turtle Toffee Cheesecake

Doesn’t it look sooooo delicious? It is 😉 It’s very festive, too, with the pecans and caramel. You could use any nut and we LOVE toffee so sprinkled that on top for some added crunch and flavor, but you could also leave that out if you wanted. Or put your homemade toffee out on the side for the guests that do like it! It’s really easy to make with only a few ingredients.

Turtle Toffee Cheesecake

We have one Save-A-Lot store in town (#24370) just down the road a few miles from our house. I had actually never been before! Tiffany said sections were clearly labeled and it was easy to find her way around–there aren’t tons of selections for each item, which makes shopping easier. There’s a produce section, meats, cheeses, etc. and Tiffany was thrilled to find they carried almond milk!


Tiffany went shopping with her adorable little 3-year-old helper. In addition to the supplies (under $25!) needed for our Turtle Toffee Cheesecake, she picked up some other items they needed—cleaners, almond milk, yogurt, fruit, apple crisp chips, and cheeses. As part of our partnership with Save-A-Lot, Tiffany had a few gift cards for the store. In the true spirit of the holidays, she handed them out to people in line behind her. Amazing, right?! Pay it forward!

Shopping at Save-A-Lot

You might have some of the ingredients needed for the Turtle Toffee Cheesecake at home already. Tiffany made the homemade toffee first and set it outside to harden (it’s cold here! haha) while she worked on the cheesecake.

Save-A-Lot ingredients


Turtle Toffee Cheesecake


Turtle Toffee Cheesecake
A delicious turtle cheesecake with homemade toffee
Recipe type: dessert
  • 2½ c white sugar
  • 1 lb butter
  • ½ c water
  • ½ c light corn syrup
  • 12 oz chocolate chips (optional topping)
  • 2 c shopped pecans (optional topping)
  • 2-pack of pre-made pie crusts
  • ½ c sugar
  • 2 8oz blocks of cream cheese
  • 2 eggs
  • ⅛c toffee
  • ⅛c chopped pecans
  • Jar of caramel sauce.
  1. TOFFEE:
  2. Melt butter in large non-stick pot on med/med-high heat, but be careful not to burn it! Don't let it brown (keep stirring)!
  3. Add the sugar, water, and corn syrup and mix well.
  4. Bring to a rolling boil and keep stirring for about 15 more minutes until it turns light brown.
  5. Let it cook another couple of minutes, stirring constantly as it starts to pull away from the sides of the pan.
  6. Remove from heat and pour onto cookie sheet.
  7. Top with chocolate chips (they'll melt) and spread evenly. Sprinkle with pecans.
  8. Let cool completely (speed it up by putting it in the fridge or outside).
  9. Break into pieces.
  11. Heat over to 300 degrees.
  12. If you'd like, add some of your toffee bits to the bottom of your pre-made pie crusts.
  13. Combine sugar and cream cheese in bowl and beat until creamy. Add eggs and beat.
  14. Pour over crust.
  15. Bake about 70 minutes or until edges are set and lightly browned. Center will move slightly. Sprinkle toffee and pecans on top and drizzle with caramel.
  16. Cool at least 1 hour at room temp on baking rack.
  17. Refrigerate (uncovered) 3-4 hours until chilled. (Then cover to keep in refrigerator)
  18. ENJOY!!!


Turtle Toffee Cheesecake

What’s your favorite holiday side dish or dessert?

For the chance to win a $25 Save-A-Lot gift card, check out the Smart Shopper Sweepstakes on the Save-A-Lot Facebook page!

 ~Written in partnership with Social Chorus for Save-A-Lot. Any opinions are my own! #SaveALotInsiders

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