The Flutterbye Fairy: Chosen By Kids!

Not too long ago I shared information about the upcoming #ChosenByKids event at local Walmart stores, where your kids could be come official toy testers! Did you attend your local event? I did! I had checked out some of the toys on the hot list this year and wanted to see them in person. Thanks to Tinkerbell, my kids both love fairies, so I wanted to see what the new Flutterbye Fairy was all about–she flies?! Thanks to my partnership with Sverve and Walmart, I got to go check it out.

Flutterbye Fairy

Our toy department is at the back of Walmart so as I headed back there, I instantly saw the big green “Chosen By Kids” stand at the end of the aisle. There were stands set up to display some of the hottest toys and an employee to help show how to use them. I got there when it started so not all the toys were out yet (the kids tablet was still charging!), but luckily my Flutterbye Fairy was there!

Flutterbye Fairy at #ChosenByKids Walmart Event

The Walmart employee was super helpful in showing me how it works! I learned that it has a sensor on the bottom so the Fairy will float just above the surface, whether that’s your table, floor, or even your hand! So you can guide her along. We played a NERF game with bullseye, too, and I saw the Ninja Turtle toys that I am positive my kids would love.

She gave me a little booklet that shows all of the hottest toys Chosen By Kids this year–I was familiar with some of them, but others were new to us. It’s helpful to see what other kids choose to play with when you’re out shopping for your own kids or family members!

Flutterbye Fairy

They were stocked on Flutterbye Fairies! I got the Deluxe rainbow one, but there were a lot of options. She floats 2-4 feet above a surface, turns on and off by pressing a button on the base, takes 6 AA batteries (not included!) for the base, and the Fairy charges with a cord attached to the base.


Flutterbye Fairy

My kids (almost 5-year-old son and a 2.5-year-old daughter) had SO much fun with their Flutterbye Fairy! They squealed with delight as they chased her around the room. Once my son got the hang of guiding her around with his hand, he thought that was the coolest thing ever—like he was making her fly and it was magic!

She stands in the base and when you push the button to turn her on, she lights up and starts spinning before taking off. She really does hover over surfaces, but if you let her, she can really take off, too! She went right up to our ceiling once (also the coolest thing ever to the kids, haha).

Find your own Deluxe Flutterbye Fairy at Walmart and get more info and Fairy Fun at! See more about the Chosen By Kids event here and don’t miss it next year!

~Written in partnership with Walmart and the #ChosenByKids campaign. Any opinions are our own!

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