Family Movie Nights with Feeln (now half off!)

We don’t have cable or anything at our house. My husband and I actually got rid of it in college years ago (I thought I was going to die!), but we’ve never looked back. We survive with streaming services, like Feeln. Haven’t heard of it? Well, I know you’ve heard of Netflix… and this is the same idea, but is specifically for families. I partnered with them to share how you can try it free for a week or read below on how to get one year half off.


It’s really super easy to use Feeln. You can download the app on your phone or tablet—we have it on our iPhones and the iPad and it also works on Android. You can also access Feeln on various devices: Xbox, Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Kindle, Nook, TVs and Blu-rays with Google TV, and your computer.

AHHHH I need to charge my phone, right?!

Feeln on iPhone 6

This is a screenshot from my iPhone 6 with the Feeln app. From this home screen, you can scroll down through the categories and scroll across in each one. There’s also a menu button at the upper left and you can add your favorites to your “watch list.”

My favorites? OBVIOUSLY the Hallmark Hall of Fame (who doesn’t love a good Hallmark movie?!) and the Feeln Like A Kid category (because, also, who doesn’t want to be a kid again?! Plus, you know…. we have kids ;)). There’s also: new, featured, holiday, originals, exclusives, award winners, documentaries, and series. You’ll find subcategories in those, too. SO MUCH TO WATCH!

Feeln categories

I want to watch every single one of those Award Winners! And… I know you see what I see… yea, that’s Rainbow Brite!!! Flash from the past… we will be watching them all 😉 Feeln is the exclusive streaming provider of all those great Hallmark Hall of Fame movies and they have Original Short Films with “teachable moments” that inspire wonderful family discussions.

Feeln on iPad

Feeln is a movie subscription service showing films that entertain, inspire and delight audiences of all ages. Subscribers can enjoy a broad range of movies, including Hollywood blockbusters, critically acclaimed Oscar winners, and classic favorites. Feeln also features a selection of over 80 Original Short Films, expertly crafted stories that are internally written, cast, directed and produced.

You can try Feeln free for one week and a subscription is as low as $3.99 a month based on an annual membership of $47.99—and that’s HALF OFF RIGHT NOW! You can even find Feeln gift cards at select Hallmark stores—great gift for the family that has everything, packaged in a little family movie night basket!

Sign up now and get 50% OFF an annual subscription! But hurry, the offer ends January 1st, 2015. You can use the code MOMBLOG at checkout or click through this link that includes the discount promo code.

Feeln logo

~Written in partnership with Blog Meets Brand for Feeln. Any opinions are my own!

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