The NEW MyMixx, My Savings app for Jewel Osco

A month ago we drastically changed our diets. We’re not “on a diet,” we’re changing our lifestyle habits. I threw away most junk food and sugary snacks. We’re eating as “clean” and whole as we can with lots of meats and proteins. My grocery shopping has completely changed, being mostly produce and meats, and it has also become more expensive. When I can find sales or coupons, it helps a lot!

MYMIXX savings

That’s why I am loving the new MyMixx savings app I recently found for Jewel Osco stores. Our closest one is unfortunately 45 minutes away (hey, come to Rockford, please!), but I head that way once in awhile for other shopping—it may or may not be a wonderful excuse to hit the outlet mall 😉

I mean, look at this produce section—it’s huge and I love it! More on that later—I’ve partnered with Jewel Osco to bring you this news, recipes, and shopping tips so keep an eye out for more posts the rest of this month!

Jewel-Osco shopping

We all like saving money, right? Food is a necessity and there might be cheaper versions out there so I can spend less, but if I just don’t consider them as options (because they’re unhealthy), then this is the new price of our food. It’s just the way it is! But the MyMixx app for Jewel Osco shows you coupons AND sales and lets you create (and send) lists. Let me walk you through it…

MyMixx coupons

First, download the free app on your iPhone or Android device. You can also just signup online. Once it downloads, you register a new account (right on your phone—it’s super easy) and then you have access to a LOT of information. It’s a wonderful all-in-one kind of app.

The left image above is the MyMixx home screen that recaps your shopping list and coupons. See that $5 off your $50 purchase?! Awesome! Search through all the available coupons and, if you’d like, filter by product type or sort by brand name, price, or expiration date.

MyMixx coupons

When you search the coupons, click the product for more details or just click the blue “Clip Coupon” button and it will add it to your coupon list and shopping list. Want to know what’s on sale or about other good deals? Just search the weekly ad. Flip through the pages or search the ad by product type, zoom in, click on something you want to see, and add it to your shopping list!

MyMixx coupons

From the MyMixx home screen, you can now see how many items are in your shopping list and how much money you’ll be saving with coupons. Your shopping list clearly shows you what’s a coupon or sale.

I used the shopping list right here in the app on my phone while I was in Jewel Osco, but you can also select to email the list—maybe you want to print it or email it to someone else that’s doing the shopping.

When you checkout at Jewel Osco, all you have to do is say your phone number (that you used when registering for the MyMixx app) and it will automatically pull all your coupons!!! No scanning anything, you don’t even have to pull out your phone. This is brand new, but the clerk at my Jewel Osco knew exactly what it was when I was there a few days ago.

MyMixx coupons

But wait… THERE’S MORE! lol. Seriously, could you get MORE from a coupon and savings app? Yep, they added in recipes, access to their “what’s cooking” articles for some good reading, links to their social accounts, and a store locator. I visit the same one in Huntley, IL, but realized from this app that there are about 3 others nearby, too.

Jewel Osco shopping

I aimed for a $100 bill, adding up the food in my head as I shopped, and when I thought I went over I went to check out. It ended up only being $85! I underestimated those coupons and forgot about the really great $5 off one. Whoooo! I even found awesome chicken breasts on sale for buy one, get one free! So I stocked up to fill our freezer.

The kids and their fruit—we needed more organic apples and strawberries and they love their mandarin oranges and applesauce (I had coupons for those last two!). I had a coupon for the ziploc bags we were almost out of and found a few of the other items on sale, including the spinach, special K, and chicken. Oh and I was THRILLED to find the pre-chopped buttnernut squash! If there’s one thing I need more of, it’s TIME. I will pay a little extra for something like this that saves me time in the kitchen. The MyMixx, My Savings app saved me lots of time, too.

So what did I make for dinner with all these yummy goodies?! Quinoa Crusted Chicken with roasted butternut squash—YUM!!! Loaded with protein, tastes like fried chicken, and has a little bit of healthy fat.

How do you save at the grocery store?

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Jewel-Osco. The opinions and text are all mine.

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