13 mouthwatering chocolate peanut butter desserts

I have a weakness for chocolate… and it’s even better when it’s paired with peanut butter! YUM! Just in time for some Valentine’s Day sweets, I collected these 13 mouthwatering chocolate peanut butter desserts in partnership with foodie.com… most are pretty easy to make, even some no-bake options, so the hardest part will be choosing what to make!

Check out Mouthwatering Chocolate and Peanut Butter Desserts

by Emily Dickey at Foodie.com

chocolate peanut butter desserts

What’s your favorite way to eat chocolate? Are you crazy over chocolate peanut butter desserts—will you try one of these recipes?! Let me know, so I can drool over it. My collection can be found over at foodie.com here. Click through to find the recipes for all of these amazing desserts. Follow my foodie profile for more great collections, too!

chocolate peanut butter desserts

~Written in partnership with Foodie.com. Any opinions are my own.

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