A nursery room humidifier for your essential oils!

Winter in the midwest can be brutal—everyone gets sick, the house gets so dry, we’re stuck indoors… (ps: there are 26 days until spring). We have a big humidifier always on in our basement to help combat the winter dryness, but I find that it still bothers me at night when we’re upstairs in our bedrooms for 6+ hours. Portable humidifiers are a beautiful thing!

digital humidifier and diffuser

We have the digital humidifier and diffuser from Babymoov. It’s in our (almost) 3-year-old daughter’s room most of the time, but we move it around if someone isn’t sleeping or feeling well. There are a lot of features that make it above and beyond other humidifiers and why I’m always recommending it to friends…

digital humidifier and diffuser

The container just lifts off from the base with an easy screw-off opening to fill with water under your sink. Screw the cover back on, put the container on the base, and add the top with the green movable spout. Turn it any direction you want the water vapor mist to go.

digital humidifier and diffuser

It also turns colors, if you’d like to use it like a night light. Leave it off or turn it to blue or red. Of course my kids love that! And you can lock the screen so your kiddos can’t change the settings.

Digital fun makes my life easy: time, humidity, temperature, water level, and mist level. You can see below that Rebecca’s room had pretty low humidity (30%) when I started using Babymoov’s digital humidifier. I set the desired level at 50% (it goes from 30-90%) and the mist level in the middle (those 3 bars—adjust with the “plus” and “minus” buttons on the bottom).

digital humidifier and diffuser

What happens when the water level gets too low? It automatically turns off the mist, an icon is shown on the LCD screen, and the red light flashes.

And MY FAVORITE… it’s a digital humidifier AND diffuser. Are you a fan of essential oils? If you use them in a regular humidifier that’s not made for them, you can hurt the unit and over time it will break down. Babymoov’s is made for them…

digital humidifier and diffuser

In the cover, underneath that movable green spout, there’s a little tray just for your oils. Put your drops in there, put the spout back on, and you’re all set! It is WONDERFUL. Better than my essential oil specific diffuser.

Peace & Calming is one of my favorites to use for the kids… gets them nice and relaxed for nap or bedtime 😉 That or lavender and the room smells so good! Oregano, RC, or Raven if we’re sick, Lemon and Joy are uplifting, and that En-R-Gee one is for this mama!

digital humidifier and diffuser

You can read more about this digital humidifier and diffuser on Babymoov’s website.

Want one? Check this list of local stores near you or shop online at Amazon where it’s $99.99. You can also find Babymoov on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest.

~I received product to facilitate this review. I was not compensated and any opinions are my own.

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