Spring cleaning and turning 30

You guys. I turn 30 on Friday.

I love having an April birthday… it’s spring, the warmer weather is coming, the sun is out, and we get some fantastic rain storms.

THIS April, I turn 30.

My typical annual spring cleaning seems to have a different meaning this year… out with the old, in with the new. Goodbye to the twenties, hello to the thirties.


Spring cleaning to welcome a new decade…

Clean out that wardrobe! I always have to put away my winter clothes at the end of the season and pull out my spring and summer outfits. Maybe this year I’ll ditch the ripped jean shorts and distressed NKOTB tee? Do 30-year-olds wear that? (kidding, because I’ll wear what I want ;))

Make a plan. What are your goals for the rest of 2015? Spring is the time get a fresh start! I think when you hit 30 you’ve lived a bit, experienced some of life, and know more about what your passions are. What’s next? What’s coming up for your 4th decade?


Go crazy & have fun. I don’t know about you, but warm weather makes me think of cookouts and parties. We love hosting and spring is the time to clean up our deck and get out the outdoor decorations! And for your 30s? Do something adventurous.

Organize. No matter how much organizing we do, there’s always more—spring cleaning is usually when we give it a good go and get most of it done until next year. The garage, the closets, the bathrooms, the playroom… label bins, sort, throw away or donate… The same goes for your 30s, organize your priorities.

Out with the old, in with the new. This is my favorite… obviously spring cleaning is the perfect time for this; it fits in with cleaning out the wardrobe, making a plan, and organizing. In my life, I have finally realized (just shy of 30 years), to let go of all the negativity. I don’t have space for that energy. Out with the old… pictures of how things are “supposed” to be, friends that I’ve grown apart from, people that bring me down, and self doubt. In with the new… positive energy, supportive friends, exciting plans, and a whole new decade of experience to gain.


Okay, with all that busy spring cleaning work, did you actually get any part of your home clean?! Wasn’t that supposed to be the point?! Oops. The closets may be organized, but who sees that? Take my “I’m 30, ain’t nobody got time for that” cleaning tip: make it SMELL CLEAN.

I mean, you light an apple scented candle and everyone thinks you’ve been baking all day, right? So light some fresh and clean scented candles and everyone will automatically think your home is clean 😉 Ah, tricks of the mind.

I do my one-stop-shopping at Walmart, right around the corner from my house. While I’m picking up my bins for organizing this spring, I’ll grab some spring scents from the air care aisle, too. Did you know Walmart has exclusive scents? Glade Sunshine Showers (YUM), Febreze Sage Lemon Grass, and Airwick Hot Springs… among hundreds of others! Glade’s Poppy Grove and Airwick’s Sunshine Cotton might be some of my favorites. HELLO, SPRING!

And enjoy those 30s while you’re in ’em 😉

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This post was written in partnership with Acorn and SC Johnson, A Family Company. All thoughts & opinions are my own.


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