Undercover Mama Makes Breastfeeding a Breeze!

Have you ever pulled one of your favorite tops out of the closet only to put it right back in because it wasn’t breastfeeding friendly? I sure have! It’s frustrating when you finally fit back into your own clothes and then are unable to really use them. There will always be some tops that are the exception to this rule, but for most of my favorite tops, I found a different way to wear them! Undercover Mama undershirts have been a wonderful addition to my breastfeeding-friendly wardrobe. 

Undercoundercover mamaver Mama products were invented by a group of moms. It is also mom-owned and mom-operated–definitely a good business to support. They saw a need and filled it by creating their one-of-a-kind undershirts. These shirts are designed to make breastfeeding a breeze without the hassle and expense of buying nursing tops. Shirts specifically designed for nursing certainly have their place, (I love my collection of nursing tops!) but Undercover Mama allows you to use your own favorite shirts and nursing bras while breastfeeding! They are also great for keeping your tummy covered, which is a must in my book–especially in the Winter time!


I’ll bet you’re wondering why I would recommend these over a regular nursing tank. Here are a few of my favorite reasons:

  • No extra straps! Bra straps can be undercover mamauncomfortable and unsightly enough without adding a second layer of straps by putting a nursing tank over your bra. I love that there is less bulk!
  • Just one thing to unhook! Have you ever seen a hungry breastfed baby? Trust me, it can trigger a full baby meltdown if it takes you even 2 extra seconds to get the boob out!
  • They adapt! Each Undercover Mama undershirt has two ways to attach to your bra; a hook that should work with any bra (including a sports bra that you would pull down rather than unclasp) and a loop that attaches in an instant!
  • Multiple color choices! So many nursing bras and tanks just come in black or white, but you can get Undercover Mama undershirts in red, mint, yellow, light blue, nude, and even polka dot! There are other colors listed as well, so check them out here!


undercover mama slimming tankThey sent me one of their newer items to review, the Premium Slimming Style. This top is so soft! The 360 degree slimming panel starts underneath the bust line and offers a great deal of coverage! It comes in nicely at the waist, and extends all the way down to your hips! This style is great for anytime, but especially during the early weeks postpartum. I used both methods of attachment and they were super easy to figure out. This undershirt could be worn under anything you’d like! It could also be worn with just a simple cardigan. This is a must have item for nursing mamas!






Product was received from Undercover Mama to facilitate this Review. Any opinions are my own!

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