Kids and Water are a Great Combination!

Post submitted by Amanda G.

When we are thinking about vacationing at a place that involves water, beaches, rivers and water sports, one of the destinations that come to mind is Mexico. And why not? Mexico is a great place to vacation. Exotic beaches, theme parks, and amazing night life make it one of the top vacation spots.

Cabo San Lucas is one of the best places, as well. There are so many tours and things to do, it is just incredible.

But there are other matters that need your attention before you get too excited. Mexico is not only far (depending where you live in America), but it is also an expensive place to vacation. You will need a sizable budget and if you are traveling with family, wife, and kids then you are looking at some serious spending. The hotel prices in Cabo are nothing to jump up and down about and you will need a passport. The sales people there can be aggressive, too.

It might be a better idea to get your own boat and explore nearby beaches, rivers, lakes, and ponds. Maybe go out for a fishing trip or just a weekend out with friends and family. Boats make for a fantastic hobby, too. And with the affordability of yacht or boat financing from some companies who offer reasonable rates, you are that much closer to owning your own boat!

It makes sense because a boat is an asset and you can go out on it as many times as you wish. The kids are going to love it and they will learn a thing or two about machines, engines, nature, and the water.

But even if money is not a problem, then there is the time factor. Let us be honest here, time is as good as money and sometimes even more valuable than it. A trip to the beaches of Mexico, like Cozumel, can cost you a lot in terms of money and time. But that does not mean that there are no better spots in your own city or state for that matter. Let us discuss some possibilities and some beautiful locations that you are yet to explore.

Local Beaches

If you live in an area where there are local beaches then you are in luck. You can visit these local beaches with your family and spend the whole day there. If you are looking for more fun, then you can consider going out for the entire weekend.

This will also make the trip short and save you time as well as money, and I am not even talking about all the trouble of packing and unpacking the luggage of an entire family for an entire week or so long vacation. This can also be a combination of a camping/beach trip. Two in one! You cannot beat that!

Local Lakes or Ponds

Lakes and ponds are incredible locations for picnic spots. You can spend some real quality time with family as well as friends there. In case you are thinking about the difference between the two, there is not a lot of difference. Call it whatever you want and be done with it. Both are small bodies of water that is surrounded by land from all sides.

Lakes or ponds can be natural as well as manmade. But the point to be taken home here is that they are a fantastic spot to be on the weekends. These are also wonderful spots for your kids to teach them the skills of swimming which is essential for anyone who wants to truly enjoy life. There are no waves to worry about here, and no currents either! Just make sure that the water is free from dangerous fish or other species. If you are fond of boating, you can do that too, you can take your entire family on your own boat to enjoy some secluded and quality time.

Local Rivers

Rivers can be more fun than lakes and certainly ponds. But lakes are safer and are lots of fun too.

If there is a local river in your area, then there is no need for you to spend all that resources on a trip all the way down to Mexico. Depending on the nature and size of the river, you can open the door towards river rafting and other adventurous sports. Of course, you can also try other water activities like scuba diving to explore marine life or simple boating, maybe some snorkeling. You get the idea. For people who love to fish and experience some solitude, rivers can be like lakes too and provide that.

Kids love water and water related activities. It does not matter where you take them because they are too young to understand the dynamics anyway. They are just looking for some fun and some time off from school or home.

Take them out on a weekend trip to a lake or river and teach them new stuff like fishing, boating, building sand castles, and so on. Other activities can be swimming and diving. Kids just love to splash around in water and swim. Takes some floatation devices, a Frisbee, football, volleyball, and so forth with you to enhance your sporting pleasure. Bring the proper clothes, beachwear, towels, some water, food, snacks, and so on. Do not forget your first aid kit either. Dogs love the beach as well, do not forget them if you have them.

Post submitted by Amanda G.

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