Six Versatile (Uncommon but Worthwhile) Gifts for a Budgeted Mother

~Article contributed by Amanda G.


Pregnancy comes with it a great deal of excitement and a twinge of realization about finances. After all, there’s going to be a new person in the household, which means the normal lifestyle and expenses need to be shifted to accommodate. The last thing an expecting mother wants to deal with are the little things since so many bigger decisions need to be made.

A baby shower or one of the early birthdays are one of those traditions which we participate in to provide the necessary resources to the mother. It’s a fun activity to sit down, talk with the expecting, and others participating; it’s a great opportunity to help a fellow loved one with those items that may have slipped their mind since they do have bigger issues to tackle.

If you’re like me and are absolutely stumped about what to get for these types of occasions, then look no further because I have you covered in the type of items that every mother could use (which may not always be on their list of wants and needs):

  • Footwear – Kids grow quickly and although they don’t exactly enjoy socks as a gift later in life it’s still a great one, overall, because it’s an essential piece of apparel in most climates. A pair or two of seamless socks are a great gift because they’ll grow with the child thanks to a lack of traditional heels; it’ll also be great because they use fibers which prevent the “stink” you’d get with normal cotton. Socks may not be the most thrilling gift but they’re certainly ones that’ll last.
  • Smartphone – A tech device so early on? YES! You can limit smartphones so that children are only able to access information and apps which you deem appropriate. You could use these permissions to setup the device so it has educational apps and access to content that will help them excel in school; it takes a little configuring but smartphones are perfect for youth because it keeps their interest and provides a wealth of new information to learn and grow.
  • Board Games – There are hundreds of board games available online that aren’t readily found in the major retail stores. What’s neat about these games is that many have educational undertones such as teaching mathematics. Classic board games are also fantastic for bonding experiences along with the learning process; these continue to deliver many years after they’ve been purchased which makes them a great gift!
  • Savings Bonds – Most gifts given during the early years are those which will probably be quickly discarded because the child ages so quickly and changes taste. However, a savings bond can be a great alternative to your normal gift because it can be purchased and provide decent returns when they’re ready to enter college. Take what you would from the normal purchase of gifts, move it over to an account, and by the time they’re personally financially responsible they will be reaching their adult lives with a major one-up.
  • Family Tree – How many do you know that have gone through the process of building a family tree? I doubt very many if none. A family tree is quite an interesting gift because when they come of age where they care about history they will naturally want to understand their family heritage; you could be there providing it to them (and the rest of the family in the meantime). Taking it a step further and digitizing it or having it bound in a family book can turn this gift into a family heirloom they’ll cherish forever; it’s certainly unusual but one that will be amazing further down the line as they age.
  • BIFL Items – BIFL or ‘Buy It For Life’ are items which are offered through companies that honor their guarantee for life. As long as you can prove you’re a customer you can receive replacements for any faulty item or worn out piece. Yes, this is aimed at the child but it doesn’t mean you can’t put it into action. Items like shoes, backpacks, and tools fall under this category which may be right in line with what they need over the years. Being able to offer them items that are in the BIFL range means it’s a gift that keeps on giving – way better than a cheap, plastic item that’ll break a few months later or become outdated. It not only keeps their long-term expenses down but also educates them about the value of a quality brand.

Over to you – what are the best gifts you’ve doled out during a child’s birthday? What made them especially helpful (as you noticed) down the line after the pregnancy? Help us out and leave your suggestions with a comment below.

~Article contributed by Amanda G.

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