Weird Weather and Insects: How your Kids Can Enjoy Some Safe Summer Fun

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Kids love the summer! In that time, moms and dads arrange for kids to enjoy activities, be monitored, and stay healthy. Aside from the sun’s rays, protective parents research the weather, insects, and other summertime hazards. Be prepared for weird weather, insects, and the worst summer can throw at you so the kids stay safe all season.

Water Hazards

Drowning occurs suddenly and without much accompanying sound. Parents help prevent catastrophe by staying off smartphones when chaperoning kids; being aware of their own CPR skills (as well as the knowledge of those around them); and, putting a guard up to protect children from at-home above and in-ground pools.

Pesky Bugs

At best, they are buzzing around your face, and, at worst, particular bugs can bite, inspire itching, or inflict kids with Lyme disease. Spray kids’ skin and clothing with bug repellent. Try using clip-on pads if your kids don’t like the spray smell. Teach kids to check themselves and one another for ticks. Check shoelaces, socks, shorts, t-shirts, hair, and hats.

Water Needs

Just as the summer poses water hazards, considering the strength of the sun and activity level of children, water is a necessity as well. Kids need to stay hydrated. If they’re feeling thirsty, it means they waited too long to take a drink. Also, kids and adults may feel pangs of hunger, but they’re actually dehydrated.

Sun Block

It’s necessary to use sunblock when spending time outdoors, not just at the beach. Moreover, some skin types are prone to burning in the sun. That means reapplying throughout the day to ensure the skin’s safety. Furthermore, teach kids to cover up by late afternoon when spending days in the sun, put a hat on to shield the face, and use a light long sleeve shirt. Sunblock is still needed on cloudy days, too. Kids can help prepare for the day’s weather. Click here to download a kid-friendly weather app.

Secured Helmet

Kids spend more time outdoors doing activities in the summer months. Be sure that all bike riders, skateboarders, and scooter riders are wearing appropriate helmets. The helmet should be approved by a certified source and properly fit the child’s head. Some kids are impressionable and are more likely to wear a helmet when seeing their parents do the same.

Safe Pets

In the summer, kids may pitch in and help mom and dad take care of family pets. Pets are in need of special attention in the summer, for their heavy coats can make them overheated. For example, teach kids never to leave pets waiting in the sun or in a hot car. Moreover, be sure that pets get plenty of water throughout the day.

Lost Protocol

A kid can lose sight of their parents in seconds. Most parents teach their kids to stay close but don’t go over what should happen when the child gets lost. Some parents feel their child is mature enough to handle a smartphone. Otherwise, you could fit your child with a honing device to use in tandem with your own smartphone.

How are you staying safe this summer?

Contributed Article

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