Tips from Fit Moms on Finding Time to Exercise

Tips from Fit Moms on Finding Time to Exercise, Contributed by Kate S.

Everyone has trouble sticking to their exercise routines, but it can be almost impossible for a mom.
Between looking after kids, taking them to school, going to the doctors, and any other
commitments, there’s almost no time left for a mom to get her sweat on. Here are some top tips
from fit moms to help you find time to exercise.

1. The Early Bird Gets the Workout
You need to work out as early as possible, before the day has a chance to get away from you. If
there’s too much to do during the day, then get your workout in before the day even begins. You can
wake up and start sweating before the kids are even up. You don’t need to worry about finding time
to exercise as a mom if you exercise before you have to be one!

2. Set Aside time
If you have an appointment set in your calendar then you’re going to make it. You can take this tactic
and apply it to exercising. Open up your planner and find some time you can exercise, and write it in
as if it was an appointment. This makes you want to keep it. Putting it in a family planner tells
everyone else in the family where you are and allows them to adjust around your schedule, rather
than you having to give up your things for them.

3. Know What You’re Doing
Don’t neglect to think about what you’ll actually do in the gym or during your exercise time. It’s not
that difficult to have the motivation you need to work out in the first place. The difficulty comes
from having the motivation to figure out your workout routine. Thinking about what you’ll do also
burns precious minutes of exercise time rather than precious calories. Go into exercise with an idea
of what you want to do.

4. Include the Kids
If you’re having trouble finding the “alone time” you need, then you should ask yourself if you even
need it. It’s not always possible to find time without your kids. So what’s the answer? Well, you
could always exercise with the kids. This shows your kids that you are a strong person and sets a
great example for them. Not to mention it gets them active and interested in keeping fit too.
Exercising with the kids is also a great way to bond. Include your kids in your exercise plans and see
the benefits for yourself.

5. Stealth Workouts are Key
If you don’t have time in your schedule then stealth workouts are one of the few choices you have.
Find time to exercise whenever and wherever you can, such as getting in a quick bit of strength
training when the kids are eating or jumping on the treadmill while they watch TV. There’s also nothing wrong with doing some strength training in the family room in the evening. They might even
join in!

Learn how to lose weight and stay active as a mom without the need to sacrifice time spent with the
kids. It’s not as impossible as you think it is!


Tips from Fit Moms on Finding Time to Exercise, Contributed by Kate S.

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