How To Encourage Pro-Social Behavior In Your Child

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The way that our society interacts together is a good indicator of the general upbringing that people receive in this modern day, and teaching pro-social behaviors is becoming increasingly important. There are lots of things that you can do to encourage these types of behavior in your child, and it helps if you make the learning process fun!

Lead By Example
Any of the day care centres in Sydney that you speak to will tell you that children mimic the behavior that is around them, and this often includes the parents. You need to set a good example for your child at all times and show them how they should behave in a variety of different social settings. The easiest way to teach a child is to have them copy you, whatever you are doing, so if you set a good example for them they will naturally copy you, and the repetitive behavior will lead to a good habit they can take throughout their lives.

Teach Them Through Play
An excellent way that you can introduce them to the correct behaviors that society deems acceptable is through play. Sharing and helping are often common through active play, so it is something that should be encouraged enthusiastically. You can start your child from a young age being comfortable with sharing their toys with others, which will be a character trait that they take into a nursery with them. It is vital that the children can ask for help if they need it and not be scared of the consequences, and you can encourage the more capable children of helping their peers. Children will continually be learning for as long as they are awake, and when things are fun, they can be open to taking much more information in and processing it, than if they were sat in a classroom in front of a blackboard. If you make the learning experience one that is filled with fun and games, they could take that hunger for learning throughout their academic careers and beyond!

Be Open And Talk To Them
There is often so much being bombarded at young children that they can sometimes get confused. You will want to be able to sit your child down and talk about things, whether it is feelings, or about school, you will want them to be comfortable opening up to you. When you speak in a one on one situation, you can also start to teach empathy to your child and make them aware of the people around them, and if they can help them in any way. Ask them about situations that they tell you about and ask them how they think the other people felt. You may just open your child’s eyes to a world that they were not entirely aware of, and in turn help them to become a beautiful human being in the process.

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