How To Help Your Daughter Prepare For A Dance

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How To Help Your Daughter Prepare For A Dance

A formal event, no matter the occasion, is an exciting time for your daughter—especially formal school dances! While your daughter may be dreaming of pretty dresses and accessories, you need to be the voice of reason and logistics. So, we’ve put together a plan to help your daughter prepare for any formal event.

Three Months Before

  • If tickets need to be purchased for the formal, now’s the time to buy them, along with any photography packages on offer for the event.
  • This is also the time to buy the dress, and all the accessories that go along with it. By starting early, you get to enjoy the best selection of stunning prom dresses from Peaches Boutique.
  • Make sure she chooses a bag big enough to carry everything she will need for the event.
  • Be her voice of reason, especially for shoes. While she may be in love with three-inch heels, they may not be appropriate for her age or the event, and they’re going to make her feel miserable on the dance floor.
  • As for jewelry, let her have fun picking out pieces!
  • Let her decide on makeup, nails, and hair.
  • Plan transportation for the event.

One Month Before

  • Make appointments for nails and hair.
  • Book in any alterations her dress may need and count on having to make more than one visit.

One Week Before

  • Help your daughter and her group of friends decide on a great place for their before photos. Usually, all the kids and parents meet in a spot to capture the moment as a group. Keep lighting in mind. Later afternoon complete with natural
    and soft light outside often provides the best photos.
  • If she is wearing heels for the event, get her to start walking around in them at home so that she gets used to them.
  • Do a hair and makeup trial run to prevent any mega meltdowns on the day of the formal event.

The Day Before

  • It’s time to take your daughter for her pedicure and manicure, unless she is doing it herself. Either way, it’s better to wait until the day before as teenagers are active and distracted, and she may ruin her nails ahead of time.
  • Take the time to help her stock her evening bag. She’s going to need enough money for whatever may crop up, such as taxi fares if anything should go wrong and she would like to come home early. Don’t forget other essentials like a compact mirror, lipstick, and perfume.
  • Buy a corsage for her date.

The Night Before

  • Make sure her phone is fully charged as she’s sure to need it at some point, even if it’s for photos and social media.
  • Encourage your daughter to go to bed early, no matter how excited she may be.
  • Encourage her to drink more water so she’ll look her best for the special occasion.
  • Create a basic itinerary for the next day so that she doesn’t lose track of time when she is getting ready.

On the Day

  • Keep her phone on charge while she is getting ready to ensure it has a full battery for the event ahead.
  • Help her make her dream evening come to life.

With these tips, you can help your daughter be the Belle of any ball, less the stress and panic!

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