babies of blogher10!

I think I was going through baby withdrawal. Since I didn’t have my lil one with me, I spent my time taking pictures of all the other lil ones! 🙂

Becca's (@mamabmy) lil boy, Lucas

Tara (@militarymama) & Liam

Our best attempt at a shot of all the babies! @mamabmy's, @babymakingmama's, @militarymama's, and @littlebgcg's! Just missing Ryan 🙁

@babymakingmama's Lil J has a boyfriend!! 😉

@mamabmy's baby fast asleep on the streets of NYC!

Shari Criso giving us a lesson

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BlogHer 2010

I think I got more sleep last night at home than the previous three nights combined at BlogHer. Funny that I was excited to get away and be able to sleep and I ended up with less than I do with a baby next to me. That pretty much sums up BlogHer10: exhausting and non-stop… but tons of fun!

I started freaking out when I got on the bus to the airport on Thursday, crying as I left Ryan behind and thinking, “what am I doing?!!”

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I’m so thankful

…for Simplisse Breastfeeding Products, for a number of reasons. 1) They sponsored this trip to BlogHer10 and I’m having a blast! 2) I really love their products and 3) they care about breastfeeding moms (and we need that kind of support!)

To me, Simplisse is innovative. They’re producing products that truly help breastfeeding moms. With the help of lactation consultants, product engineers and fellow moms, they are improving upon the products that are generally offered on the market. It hasn’t been done before because

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NYC: so good they named it twice

I leave for BlogHer in New York, New York on Thursday morning… I have Yes, this blog post is on the list, so I am busy crossing something off 😛 Ryan didn’t fall asleep tonight until just after 9pm (usually does at 7pm) so I lost most all of my free time – AHHHHHHHHHHH. He just knows I’m trying to get ready to leave!! 🙁

But let’s be positive and look at what I’ve done:

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Adventure: defined by a mom

I would have considered myself adventurous… you know, in my previous life. I enjoyed new things–anything exciting, thrilling, maybe dangerous. I’ve camped on the ground, under the stars, with the dingoes in the Australian outback. I’ve swam with stingrays and sharks and wild dolphins. I’ve zip-lined through the rainforest. I’ve fed wild monkeys. I went crawling through underground caves. I survived Mardi Gras in New Orleans. I’ve been white-water rafting and skydiving. I’ve stood at the back end of a horse and helped birth a foal.

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You know you wanna know: BlogHer10 Schedule

I’ve said it many times before–I’m a list maker. I’m a planner. And it has been driving me CRAZY that BlogHer is just over a week away and I haven’t sat down yet and figured out what my schedule is. There are tons of parties and meetings and sessions… all at the same time! Where will I be?!

THURSDAY: 2pm: flight arrives 4:30-ish: Coffee with Kristine and ??? Tara and Read More…