DIY kids ghost shirt for Halloween

Last year we made spider shirts for Halloween with Ryan’s handprints. He was so proud of that shirt and wanted to wear it all the time… it’s a little too small now so I wanted to make new ones. And now that we have child #2, I wanted her to make a shirt, too!

I couldn’t find plain orange shirts this year so I went with the black ones. Luckily they had Rebecca’s size, too (in the boys section). Hmm… what to put

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Happy October!

I can’t believe it’s October already! But I’m loving the fall weather and cozy sweatshirts and colored leaves and pumpkins and hot coffee! To celebrate the new month, I pulled out our bin of craft supplies. I covered the kitchen table and let Ryan go at it… he picked out what to paint, the colors, and told me where to glue things.

I used a couple small paper plates to squirt paint on… so Ryan could paint other things, like styrofoam balls to be pumpkins, etc… but he ended up painting the

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Getting crafty: homemade crib sheets and baby gowns

Awhile ago I was complaining on my facebook page that really cute crib sheets were either impossible to find or cost a lot of money (like custom ones on etsy). Someone suggested I make my own. HA! Okay, I have a sewing machine and I’m not too bad at sewing, but I’ve really only ever made baby gowns and shirts–with a pattern.

This awesome facebook fan directed me to a crib and toddler bed sheets tutorial on the Dana Made It blog. It looked way too

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Valentine’s Day gift and food ideas

I <3 Valentine’s Day and I’ve been sitting here wondering if I’ll really get to celebrate it this year! Will I have a newborn? Will I be in labor? Will I be miserable? Haha. Either way, I’m planning for it just in case! And as always, Pinterest is my go-to place. LOVE these food and little gift ideas. Click through the photo for credit or more info.

What are you doing for Valentine’s Day?

A balloon for each year you’ve celebrated Valentine’s Day together and a

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New Year time capsule for Ryan

I saw this idea originally in my Family Fun magazine. Then, as the New Year got closer, I saw it all over Pinterest. So you may have seen it already, but it’s just too cute not to share. I LOVE this idea.

(picture from Family Fun)

In the picture above, the idea was to have your child write a note to themselves to read in the future. Or–especially if your kids are younger, like mine!–you can create a survey or questionnaire

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Homemade snowmen gifts for Elmer’s Holiday #GlueNGlitter

So cute, right?! I love them! I want a whole family of them! I need more sizes and shapes of water bottles! lol. Ryan had a lot of fun making these snowmen, too. We’ve been crazy making crafts this holiday season. Mainly because it keeps us busy with something fun and festive to decorate the house with, but also because I love homemade gifts. Things that Ryan helped make are the best presents for grandparents! And Ryan is super proud of them.

With all this

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Present wrapping ideas: a week of Christmas on Pinterest

Who knew becoming a mom would make me want to be so crafty? I didn’t. But here I am. And I decided to search Pinterest for cute and creative present wrapping ideas! Love these. As always, click the photo to get to the pin for more info and the original source. ((Do you have any other cute ideas to share?? I love this first one… great idea for Father’s Day, too!))

Present Wrapping Ideas



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