Summer home projects

We moved to our new house in November–just in time for winter. I’m so excited that the weather is getting warm and we can now spend our days outside! We have just over an acre so there is tons of space for Ryan to run around and lots of land for us to make plans with. Things on our wish list: a sandbox for Ryan (Steve wants to build it), a swingset/playground area for Ryan, a garden, a compost pile, a rain barrel, some landscaping–we really need to

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Ryan’s newly painted room!

Just over a week ago I posted about painting Ryan’s room and I had selected three possible paint samples to try out: Truly Olive, Red Delicious and Steel Blue. At the time, I was leaning toward truly olive, but ended up making a different decision.

I had to ask my husband’s opinion (ya know, because he lives here too) and the opinion of my brother-in-law because, after all, this is his house and we are renting from him.

So what’d we all decide on?!

OLD ROOM with unpainted/glue covered walls:

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Honey-Do List for our new house!

We just moved into a new house…. okay, 3 months ago… but it was a completely full, lived in house (Steve’s grandparents’ house). We spent forever moving all their stuff out (to the basement) and our stuff in. Our stuff is still all over. Plus all the things that come with having a new house…. our “honey-do” list is never-ending!

TwitterMoms teamed up with ServiceLine (read about it here) to hear about “5 Things On Your ‘Honey-Do’ List That Never Get Done.” Here’s mine:

1. Rip down the wallpaper is Ryan’s

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