One Fish, Two Fish: Dr. Seuss Theme Party

Dr. Seuss had a birthday on March 2nd! He was born in 1904 so he just turned 109! I’ve never been aware of his birthday before (#momfail), but this year I was it everywhere. And by everywhere, I mean pinterest. So… it was time for a Dr. Seuss theme party!

I recently joined our local MOMS Club because not only do my kids need to socialize with other kids their age, but I desperately need to socialize with other adults and get out of the house more often–winter sucks. And finding new mom friends

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Interior decorating HELP! part 1 ;)

Having a new house to decorate is fun, but oh my gosh it’s hard. I don’t think I realized how bad I was at interior decorating… I mean, I know what I like, I can look through magazines or at websites and pin away my favorite looks. The yellow and gray, the trendy chevron prints, the neutral colors…. but implementing any ideas in my own house?! HELP!

A magazine or website has a whole room put together… obviously it looks perfect. But to find each piece to make up your room in your house?

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did someone say wine & crafts?

Let me just say I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo happy to be back home, near all our friends and family. It has helped so much, there’s so much more to do, and we get to spend more time with the people we love.

My girlfriends and I (a few that I have known since elementary school) have created a monthly wine & craft night. There are 6 of us and 4 of us have kids… ideally we get to leave the kids behind and we meet up to gossip chat, chug sip some wine, and make

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Ryan’s Dino-Mite Dinosaur Party!

My baby turned three at the end of December, just after Christmas. He wasn’t feeling well on his actual birthday–we just barely got him to blow out his candles and eat some cake, but he didn’t even want to open presents! The horror. His party was planned for that Saturday, but because of all the illness going around we postponed it to the following week, January 5th.

The theme? A Dino-Mite Dinosaur Celebration!!! Ryan-o-saurus is turning three!

I’ll tell ya, it’s tough having a party right after the holidays…

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Christmas Memories: 2012

I love the holiday season and getting the house all decorated and festive. I love the magic of Santa and counting down to Christmas with Ryan. I love hanging the stockings and filling them with goodies. I love reading The Night Before Christmas and leaving out homemade cookies and milk. I love creating memories with the family.

I want to share some of those memories with you… crafts we have made during the holiday season, Christmas decor and gift ideas involving the kids, and a way to document it all. (Some of these I

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It’s going to be like Christmas every month at Baby Dickey!

I’ve always liked to draw and be semi-artsy, but have never considered myself a crafty person… I mean, I don’t make things. Like many other aspects of my life, having kids has completely changed that. Now, I make things. Crib sheets. Clothes. Anything with photos. Handprints EVERYWHERE. Halloween costumes. Cute food (yea, that happens). I loooove making things.

I love getting crafty and a major reason is because my kids love it, too. Ryan will drop whatever he is doing (even the iPad) if I say those 2 magical words… CRAFT TIME! He comes

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The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner EVER.

I wrote a guest post over on the YesVideo blog today about our newest holiday tradition–our Christmas table runner. I’m so excited about it, I LOVE it!!! And my kids had a blast with the paint, as always.

So head over to my post, The Most Memorable Christmas Table Runner EVER, and check out the details so you can make your own and preserve those family holiday memories with your kids!

Merry Christmas! 🙂