my baby boy is three

As I typed that title, “my baby boy is three,” all I could imagine is how quickly the next numbers will come… “my baby boy is four” or “my baby boy is ten.” Every year seems to go by faster and every day I look at you I can tell how much bigger you are getting. It’s bittersweet… you’re at such a fun age (you know, when it’s not a difficult age, lol)… you tell the best stories, we talk all the time, you’re such a sweetheart, and you’re always making me laugh. I

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halloween with the wizard of oz

I wasn’t sure how I would beat my homemade skeletons from last year… my preggo skeleton costume was a big hit and I worked hard on those babies.

This year, we were a family of FOUR! I wanted something creative and fun, but easy to make at home. We love the Wizard of Oz (clearly… two years ago we went as a Lion, a Tiger, and a Bear – OH MY!) and Ryan’s costume from his first Halloween in

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wordless wednesday: football baby

happy 8 months, baby girl

Dear Rebecca,

You’re getting so big! Well, actually, you’ve lost weight, haha, but you’re doing so much! You’ve lost one pound since your 6-month doctor appointment–you’re just moving around so much, crawling all over and getting into everything! And it all goes straight into your mouth, lol.

You try so hard to stand. You crawl over to anything you can find, put your hands on it, and try to push up on your feet. Sometimes you start huffing and puffing; it’s pretty funny. You’ve been pretty close a few times–making mommy nervous!

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looks who’s standing!

my family in photos

When we took Rebecca’s newborn photos (omgosh I don’t think I ever posted those here! another post…), we didn’t get ANY family photos because she wasn’t too cooperative. And since then? There haven’t been many. I’m usually the one taking the photos… and Steve hates being in them, lol.

But we have SOME so I thought I’d share… the first set were taken in August in my parents’ backyard and the second set were taken when we were all on vacation in Wisconsin in early September.

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a sweet 7 months, baby girl

Dear baby girl,

My little Ro-ro or Roey, my missy miss, and my princess. I can’t believe how fast time is flying by… seven months?! You are just SO BIG. One of my best friends recently had a baby girl, she’s almost a month old now, and she reminds me how little you used to be and how I walked around holding you with one arm. Now I can barely hold you across me with two arms!

At the start of this month you started sitting… very slowly. You could do a

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