sharing the (coffee) love

Remember how excited I was about the new International Delight Iced Coffee? The cartons are now being sold at Walmart, whooo! Have you gone shopping for them yet? Do you love them or what?! I was lucky enough to be able to share the yummy goodness with a friend.

I decided to send a package of all 3 flavors (Original, Vanilla, and Mocha) to Beth at Me As A Mommy. First, she has two of the cutest

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support our troops: operation zipper pouch

One of my readers is having a fundraiser for men and women in the military. She’s an independent consultant for Thirty-One Gifts and if you purchase a Zippered Pouch personalized with “Thank You,” she’ll be filling them with things like beef jerky, hard candies, toiletries, cards, wipes, etc.

Cost of this personalized pouch is $21.75 and that includes all tax and shipping. Skip a few Starbucks trips or get one less gift this holiday season and your wonderful, thoughtful gift for those in the military is paid for. Let’s brighten their day

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my big brother

At the end of March, my brother and his girlfriend came to visit for a few days. My brother, Jeff, is 20 months older than me and lives in CO–we don’t see each other often enough!!! We definitely had a good time while he was home and I think I’ll have to head to CO sometime this summer to visit him!

On Friday night we went to a bar called Kryptonite to see a band, The Moment, play. Then headed to CJ’s to hang out (where I got

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It’s time to be a Hero

I met this weird and crazy chick at BlogHer last year… she wants to be the next martha… but then she went and showed me her boob (breastfeeding talk, let’s not get overly excited here people)… I don’t think martha would approve. But I suppose that’s why she’ll be the NEXT martha. New and improved??

Anyway, I was checking out her blog and I read a post called My Most Important Post Ever.

Short version of the story: a beautiful and amazing little boy had his genitals sliced off and

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Halloween! for the grown-ups

Steve and I went to a Halloween party the weekend before Halloween… I’m late on posting the pictures because my camera died and I couldn’t find the charger anywhere! So finally, here they are… (I was a devil [a costume I bought 2 years ago and never wore] and the hubby was Jesus, haha):

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Ryan face attacks Grandmama D

Ryan LOVES to face attack. Is he kissing? Is he trying to teethe on your nose? Is he being a monster? Or in the case of my mom (Ryan’s Grandmama D), is he trying to suffocate?

He’s so proud 🙂

Mom’s turn:

and finally…………… hahaha. This video cracks me up–watch till the end, my mom didn’t know I was taping her and I couldn’t get the words out to tell her, I

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Vlog: Cora’s Story gets $500!

Sooo… my camera broke. And I recorded this using a cheap, downloaded iPhone 3G app… the sound does not match up with the video. Sorry! But you get the point 😉