Breastfeeding another person’s baby?

One of my great friends from college (hey roomie!) recently moved to Australia as an interior designer ((jealous!!!)) and she sent me this article: Mums split over revival of breastfeeding each other’s babies. Feel free to click over and read the whole thing, but here’s the idea:

Women are using the internet to donate breast milk. Okay, I think we’re fairly familiar with that idea. Some people would do it, some people think it’s weird… to each their own. But this article spoke of two women that are actually nursing each

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Saved: breastfeeding donation for new moms

Cora’s Story is a non-profit organization that was created by Kristine and Ben, Cora’s parents, in her honor. Please visit Cora’s Story to learn more about the beautiful baby Cora and her parents and their fight to raise awareness. One thing this organization does is “Wear Pink for Cora Day.” She was born on Nov 30, 2009, so on the 30th of every month we celebrate her birth. We wear pink, we spread the word, we do random acts of kindness. Cora has taught me to be more patient, to love

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Time for a new breast pump

I have a Medela Pump in Style breast pump that I won online while I was pregnant (lucky, I know)! And it has been a lifesaver–at my old job I pumped every single day and at my new job I still have to pump about 3 times a week. If I want to get a supply up to have some extra milk on hand, I pump at night. That’s a lot of pumping! It’s like a part-time job! (For real, I hate pumping).

Anyway, one thing that has always annoyed me about my pump

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Ladies, know your rights!

I love Bravado and I love boobies (… breastfeeding). So when they emailed me this article, I had to post it for all of you. It’s important!!! I’ve written previous posts about my own experience with breastfeeding and working: Priorities and I’m a working & breastfeeding mama

Moms: Know your Rights as a Breastfeeding Working Mother

Are you going back to work? Do you have friends or family who are going back to work? Do you have coworkers returning from maternity leave? When the new Healthcare Reform was

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Monday Night Party with Shari Criso!

Every Monday night (starting 9/20), we’ll be hosting an online party with specialist Shari Criso! During each episode, Shari will be answering YOUR questions–whether they’re about breastfeeding, birth, how to calm and soothe a baby, sleep issues, cloth diapering, vaccinations, etc! Everyone is welcome! Please RSVP each week (to be eligible for PRIZES!) and submit your questions for Shari ahead of time using the form below.

Why? To offer support, encourage conversation, answer questions and have fun! Yes, there will be PRIZES! Each week we’ll have a different sponsor

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FYI: Monday night twitter party postponed

Thanks for all the support so far for our new Monday night twitter party for Shari Criso’s DVD: Simply Breastfeeding! However, we need to postpone the parties at this time!!!

NO WORRIES, we are not canceling! We’re just coming up with something BIGGER & BETTER! 🙂 It will be awesome, just wait. There will still be prizes, there will still be great convo, and there will still be Shari!

Stay tuned 🙂

Monday Twitter Party: #SimplyBF

Every Monday night (starting 8/23), I’ll be hosting a #SimplyBF twitter party. Each party corresponds with a topic from Shari Criso’s Simply Breastfeeding DVD, which is being offered for free online! So you’ll have a week to watch the specified chapter and then we’ll all be able to discuss together–like a book club! 10 DVD topics = 10 weeks of party time! Then we’ll start at the beginning again 🙂

Why? To support breastfeeding moms, encourage conversation, answer questions and have fun! Yes, there will be PRIZES! Each week we’ll have

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