Merry Fluffy Christmas: cloth diaper giveaway #FluffyXmas

My kids may be out of diapers (well, Rebecca is ALMOST), but I’m definitely still a huge fan and supporter of cloth diapers. I love to talk about them and help out new parents on all the cloth options. They’re so freaking cute that my kids are nearly out of diapers completely and I still have a huge stash I don’t know how I will ever part with! So anyway, I’m THRILLED to be a part of the Merry Fluffy Christmas event this year and bring you lots of cloth giveaways for lots of

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Tips for two in cloth diapers (Applecheeks giveaway)

I’ve talked a lot about cloth diapers here… we switched Ryan from disposables to cloth when he was 8 months old for a variety of reasons. Then we went to cloth wipes and I got a routine going. We got a new HE washer and I adjusted. And if you’ve been reading you know we have a household favorite… Applecheeks. We have a good sized stash and I prefer to only use our ACs!

But why haven’t I

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two in cloth diapers

Ahhhh yes, two babies in diapers. Two babies in CLOTH diapers. Ya know what that means? Laundry. Poop. Inserts. Folding.

But most importantly, it means…………….


Adorable, cute, and colorful fluffy butts.

And yes, that would be my son in a pink furry diaper. Because you know what else cloth diapering two means? It means sharing. Mayyybe I got that diaper for Rebecca (as Ryan already had his own pink diaper, haha), but we’re all one big happy family now! Diapers get washed, diapers get prepped, diapers get put in

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changing cloth diapers: our setup

A crib and a changing table. The two main things that make up a baby’s new room, right? They’re probably listed on almost every baby registry. I remember when I was pregnant with Ryan, many people told me they never used their changing table and that I shouldn’t even bother getting one. They just changed their kid wherever and whenever because it was easiest. But it’s one of those new baby things… I had to have one!

And I’m glad we did–we really do use it ALL the time. I suppose if we lived

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Diaper Daisy: grand re-opening giveaway!

YAY! Diaper Daisy is BACK! Mom-owned, this adorable online shop is run by Jess and Robyn and 5 (soon-to-be 6!) diapered lil babies! You can fill all of your cloth diapering needs here and–best of all–learn all about cloth if you’re new to it. Steve and I were slow to start cloth because we were so overwhelmed with all the different kinds and terms and information online–AH! At Diaper Daisy, you can get a run down on all the

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SURPRISE! The big Applecheeks cloth diapers PRINTS reveal!

Ahhhh, can you hardly stand it?! I’ve been waiting too long to see these beautiful, brand new prints from one of my favorites–Applecheeks! I was one super lucky blogger that was asked to help with the big reveal and was sent one of the print diapers a few days ago. But no worries, now I get to share my pictures of it with all of you AND you’ll have chances to win your own!

I wish I would have taped my reaction when I opened the package. I ripped it open and was

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Wordless Wednesday: Ryan Conquers Valentine’s Day

Click this link to win your own FuzziBunz Cloth Diaper like the one Ryan is wearing in this post? Register to win your own courtesy of Madison Organics!!!

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