My baby wears Applecheeks!

Love these diapers, I really need them in more colors!!! Favorite part? You can throw the whole thing in the wash–you don’t have to pull the insert out first 😉

Help cloth diapers go viral!

I recently reviewed a BabyKicks cloth diaper (and am giving one away on my other blog!) and wanted to share with you some of their new and funny cloth diapering videos 😉 Check them out, have a laugh, convert to cloth and help them go viral!

You can check out their new websites too at: or www.OurDiapersAreTheSh**.com.

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Why we cloth diaper: money? environment? cuteness?

I wrote awhile ago about misconceptions of cloth diapering, our cloth routine and cloth wipes and promised I’d follow up with a post about WHY we converted. We didn’t switch over until Ryan was about 8 months old. So first of all, why’d we wait so long?

When I was pregnant, I thought cloth diapers sounded disgusting. Uh uh, no way, no thank you. As I got closer to my due date, I somehow became less disgusted (but only slightly, haha) and actually discussed the option with my

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My baby boy wears pink

I ordered this Fuzzibunz diaper in the berry color… it’s a deep pink. I love it! Okay, I originally wanted to order a red one, but it didn’t qualify for the free shipping on Amazon… a lot of other colors did, including this one. I wondered what Steve’s reaction would be… I left it on the kitchen counter the day it came in the mail and I said, “Did you see Ryan’s new diaper?” And he said, “Yea.” Ummm… did you notice the pink color of it? “Yea, it’s cool.” And my BIL was

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Our cloth diaper routine

I had some great responses and questions to my previous cloth diaper post. I’ll answer some more questions in a future post, but first I wanted to address our routine. Lots of people seem to say they can’t get into cloth diapering because they can’t get over the idea that it’s too much work or takes too much time. So how does an average day or average week look for us?

Cloth diapers do need to be changed more frequently–because they aren’t filled with the chemicals that disposables are that make them

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Misconceptions of cloth diapering

We spent nearly 8 months using disposable diapers for Ryan. Now that we use cloth, we wish we had converted earlier… we wish we had known then what we know now. So to anyone interested in trying out cloth… whether you have a baby now (it’s not too late to switch!!!) or are pregnant or trying to conceive… here are some things we have learned:

*cloth diapers are big and bulky and it will be hard to fit clothes or pants over them* Nope. I admit this

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Cloth diapers and… cloth wipes?

Most of you know we’ve converted to cloth diapers almost 2 months ago now. We have been slowly growing our stash so have only been able to use cloth part-time… but we are nearing full-time!! Searching for cute diapers is addicting 🙂 I just ordered Ryan a pink one… 🙂

So in my quest to learn everything there is to know about cloth, I’ve decided we need to try cloth wipes as well. It’s all in or lose, right?! Mainly, it’s annoying to have a dirty cloth diaper that needs to go in the

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