I got a bloody nose from a bully. His name is Ryan.

Umm, I thought the “terribles” didn’t start until they were TWO? Okay, Ryan isn’t terrible, but… he’s violent! Anyone else have this problem??! He doesn’t get much interaction with other babies his age, but it’s not just kids he’s violent with, it’s us too.

He currently likes to slap the face–and while his hands are in the vicinity, he’ll grab a chunk of skin too. Or claw and scratch. The other day he got my nose and when I put my hand over it because it hurt so much, my hand was dripping blood.

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Ryan on camera!

I don’t post enough videos here of the lil guy! Partially because he’s impossible to video. As soon as the camera goes on, he stops everything and either just sits there or comes after the camera, trying to take it from me! But in this one, he was being entertained by my sunglasses and by his uncle (Steve’s brother)–he’s the one screeching in the background, haha.

Ryan is 10 months old

Ry Ry,

You’re 10 and a half months old now; maybe we should create a paper chain to countdown for your birthday! I’m really excited for it, but at the same time am a little sad about it! I was working on party details tonight, you’re going to have a great monster bash 😉

You’re *thisclose* to walking. If you’re standing up and we sit close to you and call you over, we can tell you’re psyching yourself up for it… you kind of get up on your tip toes,

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Ryan at 9 months old

I KNOWWWW he’s almost 10 months old. But at least I actually took these pictures two weeks ago (yea, when he was about 9.5 months old). I’m behind! I’ll catch up next month?!

Dear baby boy,

You’re growing so quickly! You’re still not walking yet, but you’re getting braver. We’ll catch you standing up without holding on, but as soon as you realize you’re doing it, you’ll drop to the ground. I’m excited for your first steps, but like I said last month, can you slow down?! The term “time

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Ryan is 8 months old! (+3 weeks)

Yes, I’m terrible! Ryan is closer to 9 months right now and I still need to write his 8 month post! #fail So, here we go…

Dear baby boy,

Time is flying. I’ve already started to plan your 1st birthday party… it’s only 3.5 months away! Can you please slow down? I told you that you aren’t allowed to get any bigger, you know… and you should always listen to your momma!

I chose to put you in just a diaper for your 8-month picture because

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Our poor attempt at babyproofing

Ryan started crawling a few weeks ago and shortly after he started pulling himself up to stand. Just the other day he started scooting along the side of the couch while standing. We have a mobile machine!

And we totally weren’t prepared. I figure you should probably babyproof BEFORE your baby is able to get all over the house, so you don’t run into problems like this:

Little stinker! And outlets are even more attractive to little baby fingers when they’re low to the ground and baby can crawl right up to them.

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Does your baby like the car?

I posted just the other day about how Ryan’s personality has flipped and he’s so happy and smiley all the time. That’s true, but… his behavior in the car has also flipped. He used to love riding in the car… he’d sit back there and play and talk away to himself… if he was tired, he’d fall asleep. It was awesome.

Now? He SCREAMS. The.whole.time. No matter where we go, even just 5 minutes down the road. Screams. Even if he just woke up and just nursed and has a

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