Does your baby like the car?

I posted just the other day about how Ryan’s personality has flipped and he’s so happy and smiley all the time. That’s true, but… his behavior in the car has also flipped. He used to love riding in the car… he’d sit back there and play and talk away to himself… if he was tired, he’d fall asleep. It was awesome.

Now? He SCREAMS. The.whole.time. No matter where we go, even just 5 minutes down the road. Screams. Even if he just woke up and just nursed and has a

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Ryan is CRAWLING! (vlogs)

Seriously, it happened overnight. He went from rocking on his knees to CRUISING. We are SO not ready for this! I thought they eased into it more? Okay, the rocking should have been a clear sign, but… we are SO not ready for this! He’s a mover. And he seems to know exactly what he’s not supposed to have or where he’s not supposed to go. Umm, baby cage, anyone? So help me out, what are the must-have baby proofing products? What do we really need and what are your favorites???

This first video

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Ryan is 7 months old!

I have to catch myself now when answering the question, “how old is he?” because I’m still stuck at “6 months!” AHH! I feel like his 1st birthday party is just around the corner and I need to start planning. SO MUCH has changed in the last month, I feel like we have a real boy on our hands now, haha.

Dear Ryan,

Let me tell you, this photo shoot was DIFFICULT. All you wanted to do was crawl over the arm of the chair or topple out the

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Updates on the lil man

I’ve just been thinking about Ryan and what’s new – things I should have included in his 6-month birthday post! So for my own general “records,” here’s some random stuff:

*he’s in size 3 diapers and has been there for awhile – and will probably stay there for awhile

*he now has 2 teeth. The second came yesterday and there’s a third working its way out too! Poor lil guy has been pretty miserable over it.

*we missed his 6 mo ped appt (ooops!) so no updates there. I’m guessing he’s… 18 lb,

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Happy Half Birthday, Ryan! 6 months young today!

Dear baby boy,

Today is a very big day for you! I feel like we’ve reached a great milestone… your half birthday. It’s a big deal! Over the past month you have changed so much and there has been a lot I’ve wanted to post about, but wanted to save it for this. Your daddy and I can see what a big boy you’re becoming… you’re so inquisitive and you’ve become so much more mobile (although no crawling for you yet!) and interactive.

You reach for

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HUGE news in Ryan’s world!

Ryan …



I know you can’t really see it in the picture, but that was the best I could get with a wriggly little almost-6-month-old. SO EXCITING! When did he get to be such a big boy?! And no wonder he has been so grumpy and practically didn’t nap at all yesterday. But

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Happy 5 months, big boy!

I just checked my 4-month-old post to see what’s new and noticed I called him “little man.” He certainly has gone from little man to big boy! Well, Mr. Ryan, a lot has changed in the last month. I just love watching the little person that you are. You’re full of personality and you concentrate so hard! You LOVE cups! Especially my bottles of coke… I don’t know if that means you’re ready for a sippy cup or if you just want what mama and dada have, but it’s pretty cute. Speaking of cute….

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