happy due date to me! pregnancy: week 40

from thevisualmd.com

Well, it appears that babycenter.com automatically moves you over from the weekly pregnancy information to the newborn information when you hit your due date. Ummm… still pregnant over here, thankyouverymuch.

Ya know, I hated saying what my due date was. When people asked, I always said “mid-February.” Why? Because due dates are stupid. They’re guesses. Less than 10% of women actually give birth on their due date and the date can be off by about 2 weeks in either direction.

And now that I’m

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pregnancy symptoms: the GOOD ones

I was going through really old posts–back to my very first post ever from when we found out we were pregnant with Ryan. While I searching and reminiscing, I found a post I had written about “10 icky symptoms,” haha. Here they are:

1. Discharge 2. Gas and bloating 3. Bleeding gums 4. Constipation 5. Excessive salivation 6. Hemorrhoids 7. Itchy skin 8. Nosebleeds 9. Swollen extremities (edema) 10. Yeast infections

I’ll just say right now that I’m pretty lucky and never had most of those during either pregnancy. Honestly,

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Pregnancy week 39: birth day poll!

*1?! week to go! take the poll below!*

^coolest picture ever. (from the visual md)

Same old stuff, different day. Not much exciting going on at this point, she’s just gaining more weight and getting more cramped. She’s probably somewhere around 7 pounds and about 20 inches long. A mini watermelon. I’m walking around with a watermelon.

Did you know that late-term ultrasounds are notoriously terrible at guessing the size of your baby? They can be off by ~2 pounds in either direction…. so if your doc

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babies, babies, babies!

No, ours isn’t here yet 🙁 But babies are everywhere! I went to a shower last weekend and have another one coming up in March. We’re at that age where all of our friends are starting to get pregnant and have babies! Sooo exciting 🙂 So I was browsing Pinterest tonight–obviously, what else does one do on a Friday night?–and thought I’d share baby shower ideas. As always, click through the photo for more info from the source!

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Getting ready for the baby!

One week? Two weeks? THREE weeks?! Who the crap knows. Tomorrow?!?! The suspense is killing me! And ya know what’s really weird? I wasn’t nearly this anxious when I was pregnant with Ryan. I went 9 days late and didn’t even bat an eyelash… I was so laid back and “eh, whatever” about it. This time? At every contraction (which is nearly every 10 minutes lol), I’m all “IS THIS IT?!”

After the 3-4 hours of consistent contractions on Sunday night and their sudden disappearance, I was pretty disappointed. And exhausted. I napped a

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our due date is in the forecast!

Totally nerdy, I know, but I’m excited to finally be able to see our due date on the 10-day weather forecast, haha.

natural preparation methods for labor

Welp, my due date is NEXT FRIDAY. Yea, it’s a little crazy to be able to say that, but I’m definitely ready. The little labor “scare” on Sunday night/Monday morning made me realize I’m ready, I’m not scared… I can do this!

So I thought I’d share some little tips and remedies to naturally help prepare yourself for labor. These are NOT induction methods–I am a strong believer that your body won’t go into labor unless it is ready.

Of course your body was made to labor and birth and you really don’t have

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