family vacation in the northwoods

Ahh, our first vacation as a family of four! And we opted for the 6 hour car ride… eek! We were a bit nervous about that part, but the driving actually went really well. We stopped only once each way–to nurse Rebecca and stretch–and the kids did amazingly well.

Thankfully we got to test out a Kia Sorento for the trip–we NEVER would have made it with all our stuff in one of our cars. More on the Sorento later 😉

We stayed in a 3-bedroom cabin on Little St.

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a night out for the hubby & wife: offspring concert

The hubby and I don’t get out alone much. Like, at all. Ever. We really need to get better at planning date nights and things… I like to say that it’s because I’m breastfeeding Rebecca, but there isn’t really a reason I can’t pump more often… as long as we can find a babysitter!

Anyway, a few weeks ago we had a GREAT reason to get out alone. OFFSPRING! They are one of my favorite bands of all time. I’ve been listening to them since I was in the 8th

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The River Guy: Ryan’s new BFF

“Mom, let’s go see the River Guy! I want to see the River Guy! He shook my hand and…. he sat next to me…. and and and he put his arm around me! I like the River Guy, mom.”

That is the excitement of a 2.5 year old little boy. That is one of my favorite things ever to witness. And that is why I love going to see the Rockford Riverhawks play!

Their mascot is fondly referred to as the River Guy in our house.

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I got pampered at a moms night out with Residence Inn by Marriott downtown Chicago!

Oh boy, where do I start?! Two weeks ago, I was invited to a “Moms Night Out” with Residence Inn by Marriott downtown Chicago. You could not have signed me up fast enough! A night away at a great hotel with wonderful people, getting spoiled in downtown Chicago, and learning more about travel and Residence Inn!

There was a small group of bloggers (the #RIMoms: Paula from Frosted Fingers, Lisa from Oh Boy, Oh Boy, Oh boy, Maria from A Savings

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Taste of Chicago Festival

Ya know, I’ve lived just outside of Chicago all my life (okay, except the ~4 years I was in Iowa for school) and I’ve never been to the Taste of Chicago! As you know, we recently moved a bit more south, closer to my husband’s job, and that puts us a little closer to Chicago and I’ve been venturing out that way more often.

WHERE: Grant Park, Chicago

DATES: July 11th – 15th

TIMES: 11am – 9pm

ADMISSION: free (but

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the best place in Rockford for kids

We have the best children’s museum (the Discovery Center) and Ryan loves it there. We easily wipe out 2 hours there and Ryan is exhausted just in time for his nap when we leave–perfect 😉 This place is 2 stories and is for all ages. Ryan likes to explore all it, but of course there are areas for school-aged kids for experiments and things that he doesn’t get yet (he just likes the buttons).

Upstairs there’s a tot-spot for kids under 6 and it’s awesome. It has 2 huge water

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Flying with a toddler

Oh boy. So a couple weeks ago I went to Colorado with Ryan and my mom. Thank goodness I had my mom with me to help out, but traveling was still pretty hectic and stressful. Actually, on the way there, Ryan was pretty awesome.

My mom and I both checked a bag and then we had to carry through the airport: a stroller, a carseat, my carry-on bag and my carry-on suitcase, my mom’s carry-ons (2), Ryan’s little backpack and RYAN. Check it out.

After we checked

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