“I’m up high, mom!” (BecoStep giveaway)

Since Rebecca has arrived, Ryan definitely wants to be baby again, too… from nursing or asking for a bottle to being rocked and carried. But if you ask him, “Ryan, are you my baby boy or are you a big boy?” He will proudly exclaim, “I’m a BIG BOY, mom!” And every single day he amazes me with the “big boy” things he does.

Ryan loves to wash his hands at the sink (or just play in the water, you know), turn lights on and off, get mommy and daddy ice and water from

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bumps, scrapes and bruises

What are little boys made of? I’ve heard of snips and snails and puppy dog tails…. sure, that’s cute and everything, but I’m pretty sure little boys are made of bumps and scrapes and bruises.

It’s a good thing little kids are so resilient! Ryan is at the perfect age to just get into everything. He runs in circles around the house, jumps from the couch, climbs the tables… we have our own little monkey in here! And he’s just the right height to hit counters and tables, he’s just clumsy enough to still

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