Can you prepare for the second baby?

I know that question just sounds ridiculous. From having one kid, I know that. Sure you can prepare the nursery and wash the clothes and get the diapers ready…. but that’s not what I’m talking about.

I’ve been spending lots of time thinking back to Ryan’s first few days, first few months… and remembering the crazy we’re about to go through once again. I’m so used to Ryan’s one nap a day… one poopy diaper a day… him being able to talk and tell me what he needs… he’s only 2, but I feel

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Breastfeeding another person’s baby?

One of my great friends from college (hey roomie!) recently moved to Australia as an interior designer ((jealous!!!)) and she sent me this article: Mums split over revival of breastfeeding each other’s babies. Feel free to click over and read the whole thing, but here’s the idea:

Women are using the internet to donate breast milk. Okay, I think we’re fairly familiar with that idea. Some people would do it, some people think it’s weird… to each their own. But this article spoke of two women that are actually nursing each

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Why we cloth diaper: money? environment? cuteness?

I wrote awhile ago about misconceptions of cloth diapering, our cloth routine and cloth wipes and promised I’d follow up with a post about WHY we converted. We didn’t switch over until Ryan was about 8 months old. So first of all, why’d we wait so long?

When I was pregnant, I thought cloth diapers sounded disgusting. Uh uh, no way, no thank you. As I got closer to my due date, I somehow became less disgusted (but only slightly, haha) and actually discussed the option with my

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Our cloth diaper routine

I had some great responses and questions to my previous cloth diaper post. I’ll answer some more questions in a future post, but first I wanted to address our routine. Lots of people seem to say they can’t get into cloth diapering because they can’t get over the idea that it’s too much work or takes too much time. So how does an average day or average week look for us?

Cloth diapers do need to be changed more frequently–because they aren’t filled with the chemicals that disposables are that make them

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Misconceptions of cloth diapering

We spent nearly 8 months using disposable diapers for Ryan. Now that we use cloth, we wish we had converted earlier… we wish we had known then what we know now. So to anyone interested in trying out cloth… whether you have a baby now (it’s not too late to switch!!!) or are pregnant or trying to conceive… here are some things we have learned:

*cloth diapers are big and bulky and it will be hard to fit clothes or pants over them* Nope. I admit this

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Cloth diapers and… cloth wipes?

Most of you know we’ve converted to cloth diapers almost 2 months ago now. We have been slowly growing our stash so have only been able to use cloth part-time… but we are nearing full-time!! Searching for cute diapers is addicting 🙂 I just ordered Ryan a pink one… 🙂

So in my quest to learn everything there is to know about cloth, I’ve decided we need to try cloth wipes as well. It’s all in or lose, right?! Mainly, it’s annoying to have a dirty cloth diaper that needs to go in the

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Baby Sign Language: guest post

I am sharing an article with you today about baby sign language because it’s something we’re attempting to do with Ryan and I think it’s fascinating! As this article mentions, using signs is so natural–who doesn’t talk with their hands, right?! We just need to learn the correct way to use them! Right now I’m work on “more” and “milk” with Ryan… I’ll let you know when he catches on 😉 Enjoy!

Early Childhood Education – Acquiring Sign Language

One of the keys to surviving in a tilted economic system in which

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