How to Budget for Home Repairs

Home repairs are not fun. Most of the time they come unexpectedly and can be quite expensive. Suddenly you have this huge bill that you weren’t planning on. We know—our furnace went out on CHRISTMAS EVE last year! Talk about great timing. That was a $4,000 Christmas present to our home, yay!

There’s a 68% chance that one of your crucial appliances and home systems will fail in any year.* (Yikes!) Plumbing systems and air conditioners are the most commonly repaired items.* Washer, Water heater, and Refrigerator are the most commonly replaced items.*

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Air & Water: NewAir Beverage Refrigerator (AB-850) review & giveaway

Where would you put a second refrigerator? Growing up we always had another one in the basement. I think mainly for the freezer space, but the fridge was used, too, for extra drinks and things not needed as often. I know a few people that keep a second refrigerator in their garage. Or maybe you have a better use for a small refrigerator? A game room, bar, dorm, or office.

We were recently sent the NewAir beverage refrigerator (AB-850) from Air

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