Holiday Scents to Improve Your Mood

It’s no secret that certain smells can be attached to specific memories. You might remember your mom’s perfume or ex-boyfriend’s cologne, the smell of the ocean to remind you of family vacations, or the scent of pine from camping trips with friends. Certain smells can do more than just evoke memories—they can also help you sleep or wake you up, stimulate the mind and boost productivity, or lift the spirits and and improve your mood!

With winter upon us, many of us get cold weather, less hours of sunlight, and the seasonal blues. So

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essential oils: aromatherapy for labor

One thought that kept repeating through my head while I was in labor: “wow, you just don’t get this type of special treatment in a hospital.” I mean, I was pampered. I ate well, my feet were rubbed, my hair was brushed, the supply of water and juice was never-ending, my shoulders were massaged, I got plenty of warm showers and baths…. it was amazing. Okay, apart from the pain of labor lol, it was amazing.

The part I want to focus on right now is the use of essential oils

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Homebirth supplies???

I just got a list from my midwife for supplies we need to buy for our upcoming homebirth. She does have a “birth kit” set up through a website so I can easily just order everything together for about $30.

~1-2 dozen large “chux” pads (basically like flat, adult diapers… puppy pads work just as well, yea???) ~1 box sterile gauze sponges (4×4’s) ~1-2 boxes of large overnight sanitary napkins or a box of adult diapers (AWESOME) ~1 peri-bottle (small squeeze bottle) ~1 bottle of hydrogen peroxide ~1 sterile bulb syringe ~1 unopened

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