Graco’s new Little Lounger 2-in-1!

~I received product from Graco to facilitate this review and I hosted a Little Lounger party. All opinions are my own.

I think after I had Ryan, our first, the biggest shock was how little time I had left for ME. And I don’t even mean quality me time, I mean time to do just about anything…. eat a meal in peace, take a shower, even brush my teeth! Maybe Ryan was a fussy baby, but I remember really struggling with even simple tasks like that… taking his bouncer into

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Mamas & Papas (giveaway)

I’ve been a fan of Mamas & Papas for quite awhile. We have and love their Baby Snug Seat (and even bought one for my sister-in-law), some of their ADORABLE little girl outfits for Rebecca, and some toys. I got the chance to see them again this year at the ABC Kids Expo in Vegas this October…. and saw their NEW Armadillo Stroller in action. You guys, it’s awesome! The fold is amazing and it pushes with so much ease.

Do you love your stroller? In a survey

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Safety Comes First With Munchkin

~My contributor, Joanna, received product to facilitate this review from Munchkin. All opinions and photos are her own!

It’s been some time now that Miss E has been crawling everywhere and getting in to everything! She loves to “take things out” and “put in” …which includes taking everything out of kitchen and bathroom cabinets. Some of the things in those cabinets are glass, or heavy, and just not safe for a baby girl to be tossing around. I knew we needed to get our baby proofing going so I was excited to

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Bumbleride Indie stroller

With two little ones, an easy-to-use and handy stroller is a must. Sometimes I wear one child, sometimes Ryan (almost 4yo) walks, but almost always one of them needs to be pushed in a stroller. I’m super excited to share these photos and info with you about our newest stroller–because of it, I passed along 2 of my other strollers to friends because this one replaces the functions of all of those. We were kindly sent this stroller to review and I am in love. Introducing the….

Bumbleride Indie

Okay, first things first–isn’t

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Bonding with Baby: 5 babywearing benefits

My first was born by a slightly traumatic cesarean and we faced bonding issues from the start. I hate to even think back on that period of our lives because of how much I struggled emotionally. My second was a VBAC, born at home, and the differences in emotions are night and day. I even wrote a post comparing how I felt after each. Because of my experiences I’ve read a lot about bonding with baby, what can affect it, what effects it can have (on you AND your baby), and

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My gift ideas for a one year old!

Having two kids of my own AND seeing (and sometimes reviewing) the newest and hottest toys for my website, I get asked a lot for gift ideas. Sometimes at Christmas, but usually for birthdays. Especially when kids are little, a lot of family and friends of the parents get invited and they might not have kids of their own… many have NO idea what to get. I’d say I have some experience there and do know about a lot of brands and products that a lot of people have probably never heard of. So,

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nobody puts baby in the corner…

…because they put baby in a Joovy Moon Room! I’d like to introduce all of you to a trusted friend of mine and new contributor for Baby Dickey. Joanna has an 11 month old and you should bug her about when baby #2 is coming along 😉 Thanks to Joovy for providing this product for review. We had one at our Blogger Baby Shower, too, and it is amazing!

Holy having an almost one year old! My name is Joanna

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