Upscale resale: get the look for less

When I was little and my mom DRAGGED me shopping, she’d always tell me the day would come that I would LOVE to shop. Nope, never, I pouted.


Obviously I now love to shop (too much) and even more so for my two little ones! I always look in their departments first or update their wardrobes before my own. It’s all too cute! And there will come a day when they won’t let me dress them anymore 😉

Kids grow out of sizes so quickly, it’s a shame to spend full price on

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A few of my favorite things: Matilda Jane Clothing (giveaway)

If you’ve been following me along on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably already seen quite a few pictures of Rebecca in Matilda Jane. I am in LOVE with their clothes for a few reasons, first being they’re ADORABLE. I can’t remember how I first discovered them, but in the past year or so I’ve found and bought some pieces and have worked with our local trunk keeper at a local birth fair. I was recently sent a couple of items for Rebecca to wear!

Love Bug Knot Top (on SALE

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Spring styles for kids! ($50 Carter’s giveaway)

~This post on spring styles for kids was written in partnership with Carter’s & The Motherhood. Opinions and collages are my own.

SERIOUSLY hating this winter. I’m not a cold-weather person anyway, but I haven’t seen the grass (even if it is dead) since… November? And it’s been unbearably cold, too, so it’s not like we get to take the kids out to play in the snow much. Who else is ready for some SUNSHINE?! Some RAIN instead of snow! FLIP FLOPS instead of boots! SUNGLASSES instead of hats & gloves! Me, please!!!


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Mamas & Papas has baby clothes!

It’s no secret I love shopping for my kids… baby clothes are the cutest. I mean, anything that comes in an itty bitty size is adorable, right?! I love finding unique items and new brands to love. Mamas & Papas is a brand I’ve trusted and loved for awhile–but for their baby gear products. They have awesome strollers and toys and our FAVORITE seat that is still used by both kids, the Baby Snug. It’s so awesome we bought one for my sister-in-law for her baby shower!

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summer styles with Gymboree

I LOVE clothes shopping for my kids. I love shopping, period, and before I had kids it was all about me. It’s funny how much that has changed… I’ll walk into my favorite store and head straight to the kids section instead of to my area. I live in yoga pants (who’s with me?!) and my kids live in much nicer clothes than I own. Now, it’s all about them, and Gymboree is one of our favorites.

I’ve been shopping at Gymboree since I was pregnant with Ryan. It’s one

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Girls Crochet Headbands giveaway & discount!

I adore shopping for clothes and accessories for my children–they have far more than I do, but it’s just so fun and the itty bitty things are just SO CUTE! I recently worked with Girls Crochet Headbands, an adorable online shop, and they sent me a few items to review.

They have a lot of great items to dress up your little girl: tutus, rompers, lace, bloomers, leggings, hair bows, headbands… and it’s at amazing prices, seriously. I’ve seen similar items elsewhere for way more money so I’m excited to

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You’ll die of cute: chevron baby dress (Charlie & Mills giveaway)

My new favorite dress from my new favorite shop! We all know chevron is hot right now… on clothes, walls, printables, party decor, photo backdrops… EVERYWHERE. And I love it. Gray is a pretty popular color right now too (mixed with yellow or pink or even light blue). Combine them all (with my little Rebecca) and you have THE CUTEST CHEVRON BABY DRESS EVER.

Right?! I had so much fun taking these photos… and continued to take them all day long,

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