Teres Kids: 100% organic & made in the USA!

I looooove clothes shopping for my kids. I always joke that they have nicer clothes than me and it’s true! I’d much rather spend my money on them than on myself and I head straight to the kids department when I walk in a store… sometimes I think I may have a problem lol. But when I see how cute they look in the things I find, I just can’t help it!

I recently discovered Teres Kids and loved it right off the bat because they use 100% organic cotton and

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Getting crafty: homemade crib sheets and baby gowns

Awhile ago I was complaining on my facebook page that really cute crib sheets were either impossible to find or cost a lot of money (like custom ones on etsy). Someone suggested I make my own. HA! Okay, I have a sewing machine and I’m not too bad at sewing, but I’ve really only ever made baby gowns and shirts–with a pattern.

This awesome facebook fan directed me to a crib and toddler bed sheets tutorial on the Dana Made It blog. It looked way too

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