The Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower: Chicago 2013

Last year in NYC, Kristine of Cora’s Story and I hosted a Blogger Baby Shower. It was a wonderful success and tons of fun where we learned about newborn screening, shared relevant brands and products, gave away prizes, and chatted with friends. With some feedback from attendees that it was one of their favorite parties, we knew we had something. We added Christa of Little BGCG to our team and became The Baby Ladies: a

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COMING SOON: The Save Babies Blogger Baby Shower

Ahhh, I can’t wait!!! Last year in NYC, Kristine and I hosted our first Blogger Baby Shower For a Cause and it was a hit among the bloggers in attendance, we spread the word and raised awareness for a wonderful cause, and we had a ton of fun! We’ve since added Christa from Little BGCG to our team, creating our trio known as The Baby Ladies.

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babies, babies, babies!

No, ours isn’t here yet 🙁 But babies are everywhere! I went to a shower last weekend and have another one coming up in March. We’re at that age where all of our friends are starting to get pregnant and have babies! Sooo exciting 🙂 So I was browsing Pinterest tonight–obviously, what else does one do on a Friday night?–and thought I’d share baby shower ideas. As always, click through the photo for more info from the source!

Let’s start with cute baby

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