Milestone: Rebecca’s smiling!

I’d say she started a few days ago–so just about 5 weeks old. They definitely aren’t just gassy smiles, they’re real! 🙂 Steve is better at getting her to smile than I am, but if you make some clicking noises with your mouth, it seems to do the trick. Sorry for the crappy iPhone photos, but I wanted to capture the smiles and it’s all that was nearby. She is just starting to make coo-ing sounds too!

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I’m still here!

Ahh, I didn’t even realize how long it has been since my last update until someone commented a couple days ago asking what happened to my blog and if I was still updating it! Yikes!

I’m still here! Just a bit busy 🙂

Rebecca is great. She’s a wonderful sleeper and will sleep hours at a time…. but… she doesn’t sleep AS well at night. She’s a little night owl. And that makes for a very tired mama (and daddy).

Ryan now gets up at 5:30am, too, so we’re ALL still adjusting.

Ryan loves

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Baby Rebecca

what will our baby girl look like?

Wow, I can’t believe I hadn’t done this already! I made one of these images for Ryan when I was like 2 months pregnant, lol. It just popped into my head yesterday so I finally found a website (, uploaded pictures of me and Steve, and waited 20 minutes for my “Morph Thing,” also known as our baby girl!

First, a trip down memory lane… here’s the image that was created for Ryan over two years ago. I did it before I even knew if we were having a boy or a

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Getting ready for the baby!

One week? Two weeks? THREE weeks?! Who the crap knows. Tomorrow?!?! The suspense is killing me! And ya know what’s really weird? I wasn’t nearly this anxious when I was pregnant with Ryan. I went 9 days late and didn’t even bat an eyelash… I was so laid back and “eh, whatever” about it. This time? At every contraction (which is nearly every 10 minutes lol), I’m all “IS THIS IT?!”

After the 3-4 hours of consistent contractions on Sunday night and their sudden disappearance, I was pretty disappointed. And exhausted. I napped a

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Inspiration for our baby girl’s nursery

We were going to use Ryan’s crib for the new baby and convert Ryan to a twin-sized bed because we had an extra one. But then we found out we were having a girl and I really really reallllllllllllllly wanted her to have a white crib. Ryan’s is espresso colored. When Hayneedle said they’d send us one, I was super excited. The twin bed is in our basement, Ryan’s crib is now a toddler bed, and our baby girl gets a white crib.

So then I had dreams: all white furniture, pink accessories and…

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The name of our baby girl is…

I took this video of Ryan around Thanksgiving and kept forgetting to upload and post it. A lot of people have been asking recently what in the world we’re naming our baby girl so I’m finally getting around to it! I’ve said the name a few times on my personal facebook page and maybe even on Pinterest tags, etc, but haven’t announced it here yet….

And since Ryan is such a proud big brother, I thought I’d let him share the news 🙂 He knows her name well (although he can’t really say the

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