Babywearing with a Ring Sling (Snuggy Baby giveaway)

I’ve been babywearing for nearly 5 years, since our first was born. One of my carriers way back then was a ring sling—I really WANTED to love it, the ease of use, the comfy pouch for baby, and the beautiful fabric hanging from the rings that could be used as a nursing cover or burp cloth… but I really struggled babywearing with a ring sling.

When you have a newborn baby—especially your first!—you will be in a panic to make them comfortable and stop crying. For me, that meant quickly ditching my ring

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Babywearing Carriers at the ABC Kids Expo 2013

Last week I was in VEGAS, BABY. My first time ever in the city of sin….. and I never even made it to the strip. The closest I got to “Vegas” were the slot machines in the airport, haha. Why? I spent all week at the convention center for the ABC Kids Expo 2013. It’s THE trade show for all things related to pregnancy, moms, babies, and children. This was my second year and I had a great time–putting faces with names, meeting people I’ve worked with, seeing old friends, and discovering

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Bonding with Baby: 5 babywearing benefits

My first was born by a slightly traumatic cesarean and we faced bonding issues from the start. I hate to even think back on that period of our lives because of how much I struggled emotionally. My second was a VBAC, born at home, and the differences in emotions are night and day. I even wrote a post comparing how I felt after each. Because of my experiences I’ve read a lot about bonding with baby, what can affect it, what effects it can have (on you AND your baby), and

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Babywearing, Breastfeeding, & Cloth Diapers–OH MY! Products at ABC

This is my first post about the ABC Kids Expo I attended in Kentucky two weeks ago. There was SO MUCH to see, it was a little overwhelming. There were the brands and people I’ve worked with before that I wanted to meet, finally, face-to-face. There were the products I use and I wanted to meet the brands and tell them how much I love them. There were the new brands I’ve never heard of and the products I’ve never seen that I wanted to learn about. Miles of booths! I naively

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baby wearing… FTW

Ryan surprised me the other night by walking in my bedroom like this… “look, Mom! I’ve got Elmo!” He may need a little help with proper positioning, haha, but I was pretty proud <3

babywearing in a sling!

I looove baby wearing and since having Rebecca, I love it even more. I have no idea how I’d get anything done or go out in public to run errands with my two children without baby wearing. I mean, Rebecca isn’t old enough to walk yet and she isn’t great at sitting yet (like in a shopping cart). And I must have my hands free for those times when my toddler decides to run off or go crazy, haha.

Ryan loved to be worn and he was content facing in. Rebecca, however, is a

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Wordless Wednesday: babywearing

Welcome to The Breastfeeding Cafe Carnival!

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