your noodle is showing!

Ryan loves being outside and anything with wheels… his mower, wheelbarrow, ride-ons, and bikes. The kid just takes off! He learned how to pedal last summer and was a pro on his trike. This summer, he’s working on a balance bike and loves his scooter. He has fallen off his bike once and wasn’t hurt, but did get scared. I’m thankful we haven’t had any bad spills yet, but I’m sure something is coming… knock on wood… it’s a right of passage for a kid, right? I remember falling off my bike on the

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Push Bike from Burley: the MyKick

I received the Burley MyKick push bike to facilitate this review. I was not compensated & all opinions are my own.

I just recently found out about this thing called a “balance bike” or a “push bike.” Do you remember having to learn to ride a bike with training wheels? I do. I remember falling, too. It seems like a right of passage… your first bike has training wheels and someday you graduate to a real bike without them… after many trials and errors and scrapes and

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